Barnes and Noble Management Communication Term Paper

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Barnes & Noble Management

Communication with other departments:

Barnes & Noble has a pretty linear organizational structure at the store level. We have to report up the chain to the regional supervisors, and down the chain to the other people in the store, but when it comes to communication between departments within the store, we usually all hear important news at the same time and in the same way. Barnes & Noble has an established formula for operation that has brought them a lot of success. They don't seek out innovative ideas and are more trend-followers, for instance, adding coffee bars.


think real leaders have to have courage. It takes courage to stick your neck out and propose new ideas. It takes courage to delegate responsibility to others when the outcome will be important to you. Without courage you'll make a good middle-manager, following the directions, but there's no gain to having good ideas if you're afraid to do what it takes to implement them.

Analyzing vs. over-analyzing:

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By definition, "over-analyzing" would be too much. It isn't enough to analyze; you have to analyze while keeping the larger picture into perspective. Hiring and firing would be one example. If the store hires two clerks, for the short-term, we might show more profit. But would we over the long-term? If the store showed a pattern of not having enough help, if enough customers became frustrated, sales might well drop. Store reputation could be hurt. That would not be over-analyzing. Over-analyzing might include trying to give weight to factors when you had no reason to think they would be a part of the decision, spending energy and time on extraneous possibilities.


Term Paper on Barnes & Noble Management Communication With Other Assignment

Current trends in book selling are going to have a profound effect on how stores are managed. We are rapidly approaching a time when people can buy books without leaving their homes. They can be delivered over night, and companies are slashing delivery charges to minimize that negative of ordering online. More and more books will be sold as downloadable files. Bookstores are going to have to offer things that can't be found online if they are to stay competitive. Putting in things like coffee bars is just the beginning.

Management Differences - Men vs. Women?

The findings on the differences between men and women are probably accurate. However, the question should not be "do these differences exist?" But "Are these differences important?" In a well-running company, men and women will work together, enriching the entire decision-making process. When people work well together, sex differences will be unimportant. Results will count.

A act on whims but not in business. On a whim, I may call a friend and go to a movie. I would not make an important business decision… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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