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The naturalism and dramatic impact of Caravaggio's work, coupled with his insistent realism, are what made his artwork so famous.

Martin, John Rupert. Baroque. New York: Harper & Row, 1977.

This is an introductory book for understanding Baroque artists and their tremendous variety. Martin defines the Baroque characteristics and how powerful naturalism and the acceptance of sensual experience dominated the art of the era. Martin also emphasizes the modern balance between the secular and the religious in the Baroque era and addresses the spiritual or mystical qualities that were characterized in most paintings of the Baroque period.

Norberg-Schulz, Christian. "The art of persuasion. (Baroque art in Central

Europe)."UNESCO Courier 21 n1 (1987):4.

In "The art of persuasion," Norberg-Schulz addresses the art of the early eighteenth century when the European landscape became overwhelmed with religious monuments. Norberg-Schulz attributes this to the Baroque period and the persuasive and exuberant nature of the art of the era.

She asserts that Baroque art and architecture were the direct product of the counter-Reformation and focuses on different examples of baroque architecture. This article also includes illustrations of baroque religious architecture.

Pioch, Nicholas. "Baroque." WebMuseum, Paris. 14 October, 2002. 16 Dec. 2003.

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Pioch refers the term "Baroque" as designating the "dominant style of European art between Mannerism and Rococo" in the 17th century. In this article we learn that the older meaning of the word "baroque" is a synonym for 'capricious', 'overwrought' or 'florid', and still has some currency, but not in serious criticism. This article defines the term "baroque" and highlights some of the major contributors to Baroque art, including Cavaggio and Carracci.

Renaissance and Baroque Painting: A Virtual Exhibit." Wright Museum. Beloit College. 16 Dec. 2003.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Baroque Period Annotated Bibliography Chaffee, Assignment

This site is a virtual exhibit that is dedicated to Renaissance and Baroque painting. On this site, you can browse through a variety of paintings from these eras. It is a great place to visit to get a feel for the artwork, however, there is little information on the painting except for the year they were done.

Roston, Murray. Milton and the Baroque. London: The Macmillan Press Ltd., 1980.

This book outlines the relationship between Milton and the continental baroque period that has become widely recognized. The author attempts to explore what insights and knowledge can offer into some of the problems that have been raised in Milton criticism, including questions of the arch antagonist and corporal forms.

Skrine, Peter. "An age of exuberance, drama and disenchantment." UNESCO

Courier21 n1 (1987):4.

In this article, Skrine addresses some of the overlapping definitions of Baroque. Skrine asserts that some scholars and art historians define Baroque as a mode if European painting, style of architecture, and a cultural phenomenon which is found to be the most effective expression in the fine arts. To others, Baroque signifies an attitude of life "which arose out of that great revival of cultural energy and aesthetic values known as the Renaissance, from which it is separated by the deep spiritual and religious crises which are associated with the Protestant Reformation." Skrine addresses the contrasts and antitheses present in much of the Baroque literature, as well as music, architecture and painting, and attributes the rise of Baroque to two significant factors in Christian Western Europe; the emergent concept of absolute monarchy and the popularity of plays and theater. Skrine also talks about Baroque architecture and how it often reflected the builder's view of himself, and how the art of the Baroque period made life much more acceptable to those who lived in that era.

Waterhouse, Ellis. Painting in Britain: 1530-1790. Connecticut: Yale University Press, 1994.

In this book, Waterhouse covers the work and influence of a variety of British painters from the Baroque period. These painters include Holbein, Van Dyck, Gower, Milliard, Gainsborough, Stubbs and Sandby. Waterhouse compares the works of different painters and styles, including landscape and watercolor. This text also includes numerous illustrations of British paintings to help the reader better understand the details of art from the era.

Wittkower, Rudolf, Jennifer Montagu, Joseph Connors and John Pinto ed. Art and Architecture in Italy, 1600-1750: Early, High and Late Baroque.

Connecticut:Yale University Press, 1999.

This text serves as a survey of Baroque art and architecture in Italy. The book focuses on each time period of the Baroque era, early, high and late, as it examines the impact of art all across Italy, with major focus put on Rome, Venice and Sicily as hubs for Baroque era art and architecture. Wittkower also places special attention on Caravaggio, Carracci and Bernini. It includes a variety of illustrations of art reproductions from the Baroque period, most of which are in black and white.

Zuffi, Stephan. Baroque Painting: Two Centries of Masterpieces from the Era

Preceding the Dawn of Modern Art. Barrons Educational Series, 1999.

This is an amazing book of 500 color reproductions of major artworks of the Baroque period - the end of the Renaissance through the 18th century. The book includes painting by Baroque artists such as Canaletto, Gainsborough, Watteau, Fragonard, Hogart, Caravaggio and Tiepolo. The paintings shown are from different museums around the world and cover Eurpoean Baroque painting in its entirety. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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