Research Paper: Baseball Is a Sporting Game

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[. . .] In the American professional major league baseball, the National league (NL) is the oldest of them all as it was formed in 1876 and it is at times referred to as the senior circuit, its' main rival is the American league (AL) which evolved from the minor western league. The National Base Ball league was formed after the collapse of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players which was the first attempt to form a major league in America; it only lasted for four years in the period 1871 to 1875.

Both the National league and the American league are further divided into three divisions namely the central division, east division and west division. Every year, the major league championship is determined by playoffs by four different teams that represent each league at the World Series. The four teams are made up of three regular season division winners and a wild card team (Thorn et al., 1997, 43-49),

Impact to society

The thesis for this research is that baseball is the national past time of America and a great sport for the world today, this thesis statement seems to be consistent with Morris Raphael Cohen a philosopher who in 1919, described baseball as America's national religion. According to Rader (2008, 5) the game has long been "a unique paragon of America culture."

Baseball has been seen as a unity factor in the American society as people of different gender, age and race meet at their favorite sports bar or stadium as one and for the love of the game. The baseball history has transpired and overlooked the race factor ever since the abolishment of the law that prohibited black players from major leagues that was dominated by white players.

The baseball fanatics which has attracted millions of fans not only in the American leagues but also other leagues in different parts of the world, has created the culture of sportsmanship among the fans who also perceive physical fitness as baseball culture. This culture of sportsmanship has contributed to healthy and productive citizens who positively impact on the nation's economy (

The revenues that has been attributed to the game far surpass the estimation which the original inventors of the game could ever had; the sale of tickets, baseball merchandise and brand including players endorsement fee all sum up to high amounts which these baseball clubs generate. The economy has greatly benefited from this sport and has lead to national development mostly in the sports and health sectors.


Baseball thou originally an English game it is more adored in America than in British, the English are currently perceived to love soccer more than baseball. It is also important to note that baseball not only has a large following in America but also in Japan and Cuba among other counties. The high ticket sales, including the baseball merchandise that are been bought by fans year in year out tend to prove that baseball has a large following among the Americans. As such the thesis statement of this research can be substantiated that indeed baseball is the national past time of Americans and a great sport in the World today (Moore, 2006, 69-82)

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