Term Paper: Based Learning With Victims of Bulling Behavior

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¶ … Based Learning with Victims of Bulling Behavior" by Kimberly Hall (2006) suggests that in addition to a comprehensive school anti-bullying initiative, the unique concerns of students bullied by other students must be addressed. She advises specific student group therapy sessions, where victims can make use of a technique known as Problem-Based Learning (PBL). In this technique, small groups of victimized middle school students are given a fictional scenario about another, bullied student and attempt to find solutions to his or her problem in an objective manner. This is supposed to help students develop more constructive strategies to adopt when they are being bullied. Hall grants that the study design was problematic in terms of how its efficacy was difficult to measure, given its small size and the subjectivity of its nature -- teachers and counselors would report if students seemed to use more assertive behavior. However, the technique was judged, in general, to be helpful for the students.

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