"Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Discussion Chapter

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Chapter 2

The second chapter in the book continues with having readers introduced into the world of statistics while also presenting more intricate applications that they can address while using diverse calculations. This chapter is focused on having readers comprehend that experience is one of the most significant concepts when considering life as a whole. When taking into account the topic under discussion statistics can be best understood as a result of engaging in numerous calculations and as a consequence of trying to use these respective calculations with the purpose of solving issues that can emerge from rather simple activities.

Using statistics and numbers in general when discussing about people can be useful, as a research can effectively provide a conclusion regarding an event happening in society or in the natural world. Statistics makes it possible for people to be more specific about their theories and to eventually be able to verify whether or not these respective theories have a basis.

Variables are brought forward as interfering factors that can influence a research process' result. "A variable is anything that, when measured, can produce two or more different scores." (Heiman 2013, p. 16) By becoming familiarized with concepts like variables, numbers being used with the purpose of discussing things that apparently have nothing to do with them, and mathematical calculations that are particularly complex, readers gradually come to acknowledge that statistics is an active part of the social order.

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TOPIC: Discussion Chapter on "Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Assignment

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