Basketball Game Coverage Sports Assessment

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It is important for me to set goals and meet them. Therefore, having a specific deadline by which to submit my article helped me get the article done. I take my deadlines quite seriously. There is also satisfaction in knowing that one can and does meet all deadlines. There was some professional camaraderie, but there was also some competition among the other sports journalists covering the game. Competition can both hinder and facilitate meeting deadlines. In this case, it did not serve as a hindrance.

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The greatest pressures to meet the deadline came from within myself. When a deadline is set, I do my best to meet it. There were some factors that were out of my control, such as waiting for petty cash, or procedures for reimbursement, or approval for travel costs, etc. The pressure to meet the deadline also comes from my editor, and my news organization. Tardiness is not tolerated or excused, or is done so with prejudice and rarely. There was pressure from other news organizations and the journalists representing them for this game. There is also pressure within the game itself. As part of the writing, I commented and described the various pressures in the game -- from coaches, to players, to statistics, to the shot clock. One of the things I appreciate about sports journalism is the epic nature of sports. Sports coverage is very dramatic, and intense. It is one of the reasons why I enjoy the Olympics so much. It is one of the greatest stages for sports in the world and in modern human history. Everything about the Olympics is epic -- from the classical music theme song, to the ornate opening and closing ceremonies, as well as all the backstories of the athletes, teams, and countries participating. This is the kind of energy I brought to writing about basketball games. In a way, I felt pressure to bring a high level of dynamism to the writing, too.

TOPIC: Assessment on Basketball Game Coverage Sports if Assignment

I needed several kinds of information to write an appropriate game story. I needed information about the NCAA. I needed information about the respective universities and teams. I needed quite a lot of information regarding statistics and history. I needed information regarding where the game was taking place and how this game fit within the overall context of March Madness. Additionally, I needed information regarding the quality of resources. I needed information about game schedules and game itineraries so as to plan my comings and goings during the game. I need such information to plan or coordinate interviews, for example.


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