Bass Fishing Research Paper

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¶ … Bass Fishing

"There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on a dock holding a pole like an idiot." -- Comedian Steven Wright

Understanding Bass Fishing

Bass fishing can be a tremendously enjoyable and rewarding experience. In addition to bringing one closer to the natural world, it provides an opportunity to learn about the behaviors of animals in the wild and to apply specific knowledge about wildlife species in a challenging activity. Decades of experience have suggested various important principles and methods for ensuring a successful bass fishing experience. To many who enjoy bass fishing as a sport, they appreciate the fact that it allows the thrill of hunting without causing serious harm to the prey. On the other hand, many pursue bass fishing "for keeps" and get more satisfaction from catching their food than from buying it in processed form.

Principle #1 -- Using Climate Knowledge to your Advantage

Generally, Bass prefer cooler water and are most likely to be found in shaded areas or wherever any conditions allow significantly cooler water temperatures than the larger body of water.

To take full advantage of this principle, one should become familiar with the patterns of direct sunlight that result from the surrounding terrain. Over the course of a day, certain areas receive significantly less solar radiation than others; often, this is where Bass congregate the most.

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Principle #2 -- Using Terrain Knowledge to your Advantage

Research Paper on Bass Fishing Assignment

Generally, Bass prefer the shelter of underwater vegetation and they particularly seem to like the shelter of submerged trees and overhanging rocks. In addition to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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