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[. . .] Violence against women is persuaded by an atmosphere of resentment to women. Graffiti, jokes, or stories that jab women thrive and are often employed as a way to smash ice amid men. Even though apparently safe, such jokes are dangerous in terms of sustaining a climate of a lack of respect for women. Have the bravery to speak out against jokes that play down Violence against women or objectify women (Kemp, Rawlings and Green, 1991).

Battered women should be encouraged to protest against aggression against women in their houses of worship, as well as in the community. Inspect messages that are given to them on the subject of avoiding abuse and messages in relation to the relationship amid men and women, partner and partner or husbands and wives.

Furthermore, schools should implement curriculum that tackles the messages that kids learn on the road, in their homes, as well as from the media in relation to violence against women. Schools should implement family violence prevention curriculum within their premises. They should commence units on what being a man is about and what it signifies to respect women and girls. Schools should teach that masculinity does not have to be associated with putting girls down or being abusive (Kemp, Rawlings and Green, 1991).

Issues for Leadership

Battered women have particular experiences and confront particular barriers that are exceptional to any other form of abuse (Pleck, 1987). These issues need to be addressed by the political, social and intellectual leadership in order to reduce and prevent such dilemmas. Batterers usually cut off their victims as one method of upholding power and control over their victims. They frequently:

Decline access to family vehicles or stop a woman from receiving a driver's license;

Mock her in front of friends, as well as family so that she's unwilling to have them come to her home;

Blame her of flirting or having relationships and for the reason of this doubt, beating her for even limited contact with another person;

Take away the telephone when departing the home or calling her every hour to check her location;

Terrorize or beat her when she comes back from an outing with women friends;

Terrorize to kill her if she informs anyone about the mistreatment (Roberts, 1981).

Furthermore, it should be considered that a woman isolated in these methods has a thorny time evading from a violent partner. She doubts leaving. She doubts asking somebody for assistance. Battered women everywhere acknowledge some kind of separation as controlled by their partner.

However, for battered women the separation turns out to be exaggerated by physical isolation. Other aspects can have an impact on a battered woman's isolation and changes of safe shelter (Roberts, 1984). Consider that:

battered woman might not have telephone services;

Police and medical reply to a call might take a long time in coming;

She might not even be in touch with any relative, friend or an associate;

Psychological pressure would lead her to sometimes commit suicide


Boyfriends, husbands, or intimate partners batter millions of women each and every year. The violence will not end until and unless action is taken to put an end to it. All close relationships have troubles, and sometimes it is hard for others to make a decision when it is suitable to interfere.

Battered women have exceptional harms, however, options to living devoid of abuse do persist. The political, social and intellectual leadership should introduce and finance novel battered women's program that can offer individual support, security planning for the battered women and her children, information concerning alternatives available to her, safe shelter, legal information, as well as recommendations to financial help, job training, and education alternatives.


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