Term Paper: Battle of Khafji Desert Storm

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The first "major ground action" of the Persian Gulf War occurred in January of 1991 in the coastal town of Khafji, Saudi Arabia. A surprise attack of around 500 Iraqi soldiers left two Marine reconnaissance teams trapped in a building. They were later rescued by allied forces, who provided almost all of the counterattack force in Khafji. The death toll of the "hit and run" attack varied between different sources. While Washington claimed that 12 Saudis and 28 Iraqis had died in the incursion, the Saudi commander, General Khalid Bin Sultan claimed 200 Iraqi deaths. Later Marine reports noted that 17 Iraqi tanks had been destroyed in Khafji, and Marine aviators had destroyed 15 more Iraqi military vehicles during their retreat from Khafji. Near the Kuwaiti border, Marines held back another ground offensive which resulted in the destruction of 22 tanks. No American casualties were incurred at Khafji but 11 Marine deaths were reported in the skirmishes along the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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