Battle of LA Drang's Influence Term Paper

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Although helicopters were an effective attack weapon, their slow speed and dependence on a single rotor increased their vulnerability to ground fire, and their mechanical complexity made them less robust than conventional aircraft. In addition, helicopters are more difficult to fly than airplanes.

Critics have argued that the extensive use of helicopters for offensive missions in Vietnam was often inappropriate and motivated by the Army's desire to have its own flying combat forces. Only the U.S. Air Force and the Navy were allowed to operate fixed-wing combat craft, confining the Army's aerial combat to helicopter operations.

The Vietnam War produced large numbers of trained helicopter pilots; some of them finding employment flying helicopters for civilian applications after the war. Helicopters have been often been used in construction work for the transporting and lifting of structural components. Logging operations have used helicopters to transport timber after it has been cut, thereby eliminating the need for expensive and environment-scarring logging roads.

Helicopters have since been used for building high-voltage transmission lines: Surveying, lifting towers into place, stringing cables, and performing inspections. Some of the most important tasks performed by helicopters are done in the offshore oil industry, where helicopters are extensively used to bring crews and supplies to drilling platforms. This can affect a considerable savings of time, for a 30-minute helicopter flight can take the place a boat journey of several hours.

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Today, helicopters play an incredible role in combat operations. It is difficult to imagine a time when helicopters were not used by the military but it was less than a half century ago.

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Battle of LA Drang's Influence Assignment

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