Term Paper: Bee-Keeper and the Bees/Paraphrased

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There was once a beekeeper that looked after a number of beehives together. We call such a collection of hives an apiary.

The beekeeper kept his bees for their honey, but like all good beekeepers he never took all the honey from the hives, but always left some for the bees.

One day a thief waited until the bee-keeper had gone off for his lunch and all the bees were out of the hives looking for pollen, from which they could make honey.

The thief was very greedy. He broke up the hives and took every scrap of honey that he could find. Then he ran off with it.

When the beekeeper came back he saw what had happened. He was very upset.

"My poor bees!" he cried. "What will they do when they see their hives broken and all their honey stolen? I must try to put things right before they get back."

He set out to do this. He was just picking up the pieces of one of the broken hives when a swarm of bees returned. They saw all the damage and the broken honeycombs, which had once held their honey. They also saw the beekeeper standing over their ruined home. They thought that he must have destroyed it.

BZZZZZ! They were very angry. They attacked the poor beekeeper and stung him again and again.

It's not fair!" he shouted. "You let the man who stole your honey go free but you sting me your friend and…

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