Behavior Modification of Drinking Essay

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Day 5: In attempts to achieve my objective, I started this day with vigorous physical activity that was followed with drinking 2 glasses of water. I remembered to bring my water bottle and took the water to quench my third and regain improved concentration levels when carrying out the day's activities. I was involved in several activities that included lots of walking, which drained my energy. Drinking water was very helpful because it made me feel energized and provided motivation for performing other activities. I also took water with every meal and eventually reached my target of drinking 8 glasses of water. Similar to the third day, I rewarded myself with a massage treat, which gave me a sense of satisfaction.

Following the completion of the behavior modification exercise, I realized that it takes much longer to make dramatic changes to a lifestyle or behavior. Actually, it takes almost a lifetime to make significant changes to behaviors and lifestyle and address issues that are relevant to health and physical well-being. The difficulties in changing behaviors and lifestyle are attributed to the tendency of the body to reject new behaviors psychologically and physiologically.

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I have learned that the process of making changes to eating habits require the consideration of other variables such as physical exercise. For instance the accomplishments of day 3 and day 5 were realized through the inclusion of physical exercise as a major part of the behavior modification process. While the first two days were relatively difficult, I was generally successful in behavior modification. However, the outcomes could be improved by the consideration of other variables as previously mentioned. The other important lesson of the process is that progress is not always linear because of moving forward and backward in achieving the stated goals, which implies that success requires persistence (Engelhardt, 2012).

Baseline Chart:

Day Number

Estimated Number of Glasses of Water

Number of Consumed Glasses of Water

Number of Consumed Carbonated Drinks




1 (500ml) bottle of Coke



Essay on Behavior Modification of Drinking More Assignment










1 (1liter) bottle of Coke






Engelhardt, N. (2012, October 13). Behaviour Modification: Daily Water Intake.

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