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Cardio Workout Plan

Changes in heath behavior are predicated by the desire and the will to assume encompassing changes in lifestyle. It is my intention to make such a change according to the following health plan. This will center on the development of a cardiovascular workout as a way of achieving muscle growth. The commitment and follow-through necessary for such a program requires a carefully delineated plan.

Results of Wellness Assessment:

This plan is preceded a wellness assessment. Here, I would remark that I am in fair condition though I have not always been as active as I like to be. Additionally, I am prone to consuming junk food and engaging in sedentary activities. Though I feel health and am young, I intend to establish an exercise program that can help me maintain this health and vitality as I age.

Seven Steps for Successful Change:

Understand the Culture:

Before developing a cardio program that is appropriate to my needs, I would first immerse myself into the literature relating to cardio workout culture. It is appropriate to learn from the experts and perhaps even consult physical therapists, trainers and/or physicians before making all of my decisions. The preliminary effort is served by the following literature review.

Get the Facts:

Based on my research, the exercise around which I intend to center my program is the 'mountain climber.' This will be supplemented by an array of other activities. However, based on the findings produced by Waehner (2010), this seems appropriate as a focal exercise. Waehner indicates that "mountain climbers are an advanced, high intensity exercise that will get your heart rate up and add intensity to your workouts. This move will also build leg endurance and help you work on agility as well, making it a great overall exercise." (Waehner, 1)

This strikes me as an exercise that is both rigorous and enjoyable. To my perspective, being able to remain on a regimented course of exercise is not simply factored on one's discipline. As the research reinforces, this alone will not always be encouragement to remains committed to a program. According to ShapeFit (2010), one's engagement in the process has a great deal to do with one's ability to enjoy the selected activities. Therefore, ShapeFit reports that "the best cardio exercise is simply the one you will do day in and day out consistently. Choose one which you enjoy doing and don't be afraid to mix the exercises up." (p. 1)

This is an important point of consideration when designed one's regiment. In addition to being realistic, one should aspire to ultimately love those activities in which one participates. This assures a true and longterm transformation in one's lifestyle. This idea is further reinforced by the notion that one should be realistic about the way one approaches a new exercise program. As Ranieri (2001) reports, goals must be set according to an ambitious but achievable goal. Ranieri takes this from the perspective of advising a physical trainer on providing a reasonable client regiment, indicating that "setting realistic goals is an important way to keep your clients motivated." (p. 68)

There are also risks that must be remarked upon before one embarks on such an exercise regiment. Prichard & Tiggemann (2008) speak to these, reporting that there are… [END OF PREVIEW]

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