Beloved Grandmother Was Stricken With Alzheimer Admission Essay

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¶ … beloved Grandmother was stricken with Alzheimer's, I spent a great deal of time incredibly frustrated by the fact that there was little I could do to help that lovely woman. From that adversity and pain, my interest in pharmacy was born. Since I spent so much time helping my Grandmother manage her medications, I realized the value of patient education when it comes to prescriptions. My desire to help others, coupled with my knowledge of the difficulties that many patients on more than one medication face, convinced me that pharmacy was the right choice for me.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Admission Essay on Beloved Grandmother Was Stricken With Alzheimer's, I Assignment

Currently, I am finishing my last year for my Masters in Biomedical Science and working on a thesis dealing with the Nicotine Receptors in the Brain. I have worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today. I came to this country from Iran after high school, where I graduated as Valedictorian, and when I first began college, my English was not yet very good. As a result of this, my grades suffered during that first year. This… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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