Benefits of Obamacare and ACA to the Citizens Essay

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¶ … Government Interventions in Healthcare

The government has always shown a desire to participate in the development of proper healthcare systems in the country. This is informed by the fact that much of what has been done by the private sector has been insufficient. This paper focuses on the plans that the U.S. government has instituted to ensure there is sustained growth in the area of healthcare provision. The private sector has played this role in most cases. The paper starts by giving a brief history of the healthcare provision regime in the United States of America. This starts with the time when the President Barack Obama took office and implemented during his administration. In essence, American people now have a working plan that is meant to safeguard their health matters well. In This paper, the details of the implementation are given in light of the challenges that the American people had been facing on matters of healthcare provision. It is an account of what has been done by the leadership of the country to bring better health services to the people. The paper talks about the arrangements that the U.S. government has adopted concerning the health sector and provision of quality care (Ilie & Popa, 2013).

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Essay on The Benefits of Obamacare and ACA to the Citizens Assignment

The history of the current health program started with the Obama administrations. Before the start of this program, healthcare provision was a subject of the usual government arrangement to provide health care to the citizens and charge a fee for the same. This fee was given purely based on the total cost of drugs consumed and services rendered by the medical personnel. It was expensive to the low-income earners. This raised the challenge that some people would devote to work too hard to raise money that was to end up in the hands of doctors and still not get good quality healthcare. The Obama administration resorted to coming up with a program where the citizens of all occupations would access quality healthcare for an affordable amount. In essence, they devoted to having government funds dispensed for the benefit of offering the kind of medical treatment that would lead to maximum benefits to all people (Agha, 2014). This way, it has been noted that everyone who is interested in partaking the health services provided by the government has to subscribe to the arrangements made by the same government.

The main issues that have been considered are those involving the quality of health provided as well as the cost of the same. In essence, there is a considerable gain to what the people in this regard have relating to the mechanisms of pay as well as what the cost of meeting the medical provision. The latest developments concerning the health provision have been on measures to do with the creation of work schedules that relate to the service and the nature of reception by the intended beneficiaries. The requirements have revolved around the issues relating to cost and the need to enhance service delivery (Diaz, 2015).

The government has planned to ensure that the citizens seek and get the relevant medical attention with ease. This justifies the existence of the program. Besides, the government also desires to be involved in creating an environment where the majority of its citizens can benefit. As a way of dealing with the developing stories of life, it has been noted that the program is sustainable and well informed of the plight of all people. The Obamacare program is modeled on the premise that the health care department is set out to help the people who have a problem raising the finances that are needed a medical treatment (Jankuj, Voracek, & Kandilaki, 2014).

The healthcare program is targeted at benefiting the people who have shown some level of need due to their economic incapacitation. The government introduced a medical insurance scheme for the citizens, where they contribute a small fee to the government towards the health program. This comes with the government's assurance to cover medical bills when the need arises. It is modeled to work under a similar program like any other insurance program. This saves them the worries they would have had in case they fell ill and did not have the money for medical bills. In the event of any health need, the individual patients will then apply for the medical cover where need be (Ilie & Popa, 2013). The medical cover will then fit the bill and meet the concerns of all health providers. This will be the requirement of all the concerned parties as needed. Present day policies are required to have the necessary levels of concern and the needed development agenda that meets the basic required health provision.

The Pros and Cons of the Obamacare

The Obamacare program has been geared towards the creation of affordable medical care for all the citizens of America regardless of their differences in economic status. It was also noted that whenever the people are expected to be with each other's developing health concerns, better results come from consulting on the best way forward for the adoption of better terms (Agha, 2014). The health department has been successful in the implementation of this program because the budget allocated to it has been sufficient and revolved around the basics of humanitarian aid. Besides, the program desires to develop beyond the current level of trade concerns is that the government proposed much of what has been done and supported by ordinary people. This program attracted much political heat from the Republicans and the Democrats, but the voice of reason in support of this program carried the day. It was also noted that the present has been administered with an acceptance of the needed changes that have always been presented (Ilie & Popa, 2013).

While seeking to overcome the challenge of opposition, the government opted to have the people arranged in programs that revolve around the current system of trade and meeting the future of all the demands needed. This has been the case all along as the government sought to resolve various life challenges among the citizenry. In support of the program's implementation, the government has always been seeking to have everyone brought on board and runs a consultative program that seeks to develop measures to the needed control of the law (Nichols, 2012). The main aim here is to evaluate what best suits the leadership of the country as regarding the development and implementation of lawful means of health management. As channeled through this program, those who have the need to advance a good health agenda and a good cause will be seen as moving closer to executing an invaluable strategy for all citizens. This informs the need for the government to work strategically targeting the low-income earners (Jankuj, Voracek, & Kandilaki, 2014).

The initial challenge with the healthcare program that has started in earnest in the U.S. government was to convince the majority of the citizens in the middle class who could comfortably afford their medical needs to accept being pooled together with the rest of the citizens for a common medical scheme. Issues of quality were raised at the initial stages. There was widespread belief among these people that the shared medical program was going to affect the effectiveness of the medical personnel on the way they were going to meet the health needs of the people. This way, it became difficult for the same people to accept paying money that seemed to have been expected to meet the interests of the poor at their expense. The opposition also mounted much pressure on the government regarding this by supporting those against it. Politics of the healthcare led to the bill seeking its approval flopping twice at the House of Representatives (Agha, 2014).

The government was forced to resort to political theatrics to ensure that they passed the bill in the House of Representatives. With the merit in the implementation of the program, it is hard to challenge the government for the efforts it has invested in improving the quality of health. In essence, the challenge of implementation made it hard for the program to take off at the intended time, but it later sailed through (Oberlander, 2014). However, it is now widely acceptable. Virtually every American is now in total support of the current concerns that are developed towards actualizing this program. The main issues of concern are those, which do not meet the concerns that must be deliberated while at the same time dealing with emerging issues that are on many occasions not planned but end up happening (Diaz, 2015).

The courts played a key role in the determination of what must be made and what needed to be done when the deadlock of implementation was realized. In modern days, the mechanisms of implementing a health program are vested in the departmental leadership in the health ministry. This was the case because people from both sides of the divide had a legitimate and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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