Benjamin Franklin the Autobiography Term Paper

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Benjamin Franklin

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Term Paper on Benjamin Franklin the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Assignment

Benjamin Franklin will always be known as the most respected man in American politics- a man of courage, wisdom, foresight who had the true entrepreneurial spirit. In his book "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin," we get an insight into the mind and spirit of a man who knew no fears. He was a true symbol of the American Dream realized. The entrepreneurial spirit that he possessed turned him into a shrewd businessman, a great inventor and innovator, a community leader and later a very well-known and well-respected politician. This spirit that urged him to take initiative was evident from an early age. In the first chapter of the book, Franklin explains how he got a few boys into trouble but his experiment indicates early leadership qualities which later turned him into a serious businessman: "when in a boat or canoe with other boys, I was commonly allowed to govern, especially in any case of difficulty; and upon other occasions I was generally a leader among the boys....My proposal was to build a wharf there fit for us to stand upon, and I showed my comrades a large heap of stones, which were intended for a new house near the marsh, and which would very well suit our purpose." Franklin did not enjoy working for his father in his candle business and instead was more interested in the sea. However he did possess a sharp mind and a keen eye for detail, something that turned him into a success when decided to join his brother in his printing business. "In a little time I made great proficiency in the business, and became a useful hand to my brother." His time with his brother taught him about business and it says a great deal about private enterprises in America. We learn from his autobiography that after Franklin left his brother's business, he was offered a chance to set up his printing business in England but realized that this was never to be. The man Sir William who had made the proposal did not speak the whole truth and besides in those days America was a much more open society where economy was growing and new business ideas actually worked. Our country had people equal opportunities to grow and make something of themselves. The Great American Dream was all about realizing your potential and rising from rags to riches. It was here that every man had the chance to be the best he could be and no one is a better example of this than Benjamin Franklin who rose from very humble beginning to shine on the business and later the political skies of America.

What was truly inspiring about his great entrepreneurial ventures was the fact that Benjamin Franklin did not believe in giving up. He had a very optimistic outlook which was one reason why he succeeded. While America was definitely the place to be at the time since it allowed everyone a fair chance to grow, still a great deal of one's success is also depended on one's belief and conviction and a positive state of mind. This is evident from the opinion of one supposedly sagacious man that Franklin met in Philadelphia after he had opened his printing press there. This person expressed his disappointment at Franklin's decision to start a business in Philadelphia since he left that the place was going… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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