Bias Motivation Capstone Project

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Motivation is a vital part of any company's work. Without motivation, performance will necessarily suffer. A high level of motivation provides individuals and companies with the energy to not only perform their required tasks well, but also to perform beyond the call of duty. In this way, outputs become truly excellent rather than merely adequate. The same is particularly true for the university environment, where highly motivated personnel will affect the excellence of outputs directly. There are a number of variables that interact to affect motivation and outputs. These can be applied to Strayer University to determine the level of their outputs and the motivation that underscores these.

The first variable is structure. Strayer University consists of various components. Top management is made up of six persons, comprising expertise in fields like finance, communication, law, leadership and education. The managers follow a team-based approach towards their responsibilities, and are required to manage the university in a way that optimizes not only personnel output, but also student performance. Each management task is therefore integrated to provide a platform for top performance by both personnel and clients.

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In addition to making lecturing personnel aware of the University's goals and mission, motivation is also related to the skills and goals of the lecturers themselves. The lecturing staff are for example chosen on the basis of their field expertise as well as educational prowess (Strayer University, 2010). Lecturing personnel are therefore motivated not only by their passion for their subject matter, but also by their enthusiasm for imparting their knowledge to others. This provides them with the possibility of not only experiencing growth themselves, but also of seeing growth in those under their care. Such success is a highly motivating factor in working towards continuing excellence.

Capstone Project on Bias Motivation Is a Vital Part of Assignment

This motivation then further creates outputs such as lecturer availability outside of class hours to provide a direct and dedicated service to their clients. In this way, the tasks and skills inherent in the staff members provide a cumulative motivating platform. These are core competencies and skills required of all lecturing staff at the University.

Management practices appear to be somewhat participative, with the core decision-making process occurring at the top management level. The management team at Strayer University is concerned with providing continued excellence of education to their online and campus clients. In order to maintain a tight focus on this goal as well as the motivation to achieve this, the concern is with educational quality. For this reason, the University's management is concerned with limiting geographic expansion, although there is significant demand for this (Silberman, 2009).

This allows the management team to make regular visits to the various campuses of the University to ensure that academic quality is maintained. This is done by means of team work with personnel members. Personnel then can use the opportunity of these visits to obtain clarity and new information as relevant to their work at the university. This type of hands-on management serves as a powerful motivating factor not only to maintain excellence, but to connect with the structure of the University as a whole.

In a University climate, the motivation of lecturing personnel also has an effect upon the motivation of students. Highly motivated students mean better performance in terms of student output for the University. Several reports highlight the excellence of Strayer students, while advertisements for the University focus on the success of these students (Strayer University, 2010). This has the cumulative effect of motivation for further excellence and development by personnel. Personnel whose students perform well are motivated to increase their own performance as well.

The structure of the University is set up to operate from physical campus classrooms, as well as from an online platform. To ensure success in this field, the most recent technological developments are integrated. Furthermore, the fact that the average age of Strayer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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