Biases Present in Our Culture Term Paper

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However, these wrongs have been given more footage in cinema, including stories of slave uprisings in Cuba and Brazil along with the story (Quilombo) of a fugitive slave republic in the "new" world called "Palmares," which withstood repeated attacks by the Portuguese (about one every 15 months) for 100 hundred years.

Not all Europeans accepted what was happening blindly. The French writer Montaigne argued that the conquering Europeans were far more barbaric than the natives they so easily conquered with their superior weapons and brutal methods. He identified the real reason for these actions -- greed (as he said, pearls and pepper). Shakespeare made a reference to it in The Tempest, in the character "Caliban" (a play on 'cannibal'), who complained that the European Prospero had stolen his land.

The most egregious defense of Western domination over other cultures is that they viewed it as the "natural order of things." This brings us back to the opening of the chapter, with Narcissus admiring his reflection, seeing nothing else but himself. The Europeans believed their language was better, their skin color better, their culture better, and that because of this it was their right to violently take lands from other peoples.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Biases Present in Our Culture Assignment

What this chapter shows clearly is evidence that the victors write the history. If the European conquerors had come with cannon and gunpowder and had been greeted with indigenous people who had bigger cannons and something more powerful than gunpowder, history would have been written quite differently. "Might makes right" has never been a good justification for any actions, whether it be a bully on the playground or a shipload…
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