Bible Biblical Understanding of God Essay

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Biblical Understanding of God

If there be one thing that one would assume that the Bible would be clear about, it would be the nature of God. However, this is not true, at least if one is looking for a homogeneous and simple view of God. Perhaps it is because the Bible was assembled by different individuals over a very long period of time that there are so many versions of who and what God is. Perhaps it is because the concept and being of God is so complex that it cannot be comprehended in its full that explains the sometimes obscure nature of God as explained in the Bible. Sometimes it is both. This does not diminish the divinity or magnificence of God. Rather, it demonstrates that God is revealed to humans in different ways depending on the context of the interaction between the mundane and the divine.

Some definitions of God that appear in the Bible include: 1.God is one. 2. God is holy. 3. God is spirit. 4. God I love. 5. God is light. It is important -- indeed, it is vital -- to note that these conditions are in no way contradictory. They can all be true in equal measure or in unequal measure. Indeed, it seems much more likely than not that God is indeed all of these things.

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The first of these definitions is arguably the most important, since it is emphasized in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and it bring to light the meaning of this phrase in Hebrew. God is a unified, univocal presence to Jews, who are in many ways more monotheistic than are Christians. The fact that this meaning is central to Jewish tradition, which is the rock of Christian belief and practice, is acknowledged through this meaning.

If we understand God as holy, then we should look again to the original meaning of words. Holy in Greek has the meaning of something that is set apart and sacred. This meaning combined with the first one gives us a sense of God as unified and in this unity set apart from human understanding and nature.

Essay on Bible Biblical Understanding of God if There Assignment

If God is spirit, then he is connected to the Greek word for breath and wind. The wind is like God because both are invisible and therefore mysterious. It is something we can feel but not see, something that is sometimes present and therefore unpredictable. And it always returns to our lives.

If God is light, then God is linked to the Greek word phos. This suggests that God is seen a pure. This can be seen as a synonym for holiness, a different way of underscoring that God is separate from humans because of his holiness that is undivided, that is pervasive and enduring. God as light is consonant with ancient definitions of God, pagan definitions of God in which the sun, the moon, and the stars were seen as emblems and symbols of the cusp between the divine and the human. There is nothing of apostasy in linking the Jewish and Christian God with older understandings of the divine. God is light is the most ancient of the references in the Bible to the nature of the Biblical God.

Finally, if God is love, then God is connected to humanity, a condition that links God to all of humanity. He is apart from his creations because he is the Creator and so stands above all humans. But he is also eternally linked to humanity because it is his love that has created everything on earth.

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