Bible and Law Abortion Research Paper

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Bible and Law - Abortion

Bible and Law

Abortion has been defined as an act of voluntarily terminating pregnancy, which leads to the embryo's death. Abortion has become a very controversial topic in most countries because it is becoming more rampant as time goes by. Within the society, there are different opposing and proposing groups. And each of them has different views as to why they oppose or support abortion. Some see abortion as a way of practicing one's freedom in the society, while, others view abortion as an immoral act Davis ( 9)

I believe that abortion is morally wrong based on my understanding of the Bible. Abortion destroys many lives of helpless children, and it is being practiced in many countries amongst them are United States and Indonesia.

Statistics on abortion

Around the world, approximately 42 million abortions are carried out year in year out. This is a very huge number compared to the kind of act being done; this implies 42 million fetuses are being killed yearly. In addition, 83% of all abortions performed globally are majorly from developing countries, and the remaining 17% carried out among the developed nations Abortion Facts (1)

In America alone, being a developed country where majority of its inhabitants are Christians, have had over fifty million abortions since 1973. From the trends observed over the years, of the 52% of abortion carried out were from women below the age of 25 years Abortion Fact (1)

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. Of this 52%, women aged between 20-24 contributed to 32% of all the abortions, while teenagers and girls below 15 years of age contributed to 20% and 1.2% respectively Abortion Fact (1)

United States being a Christian worshiping country, 37.4% of all abortions were carried out by women identifying themselves with the Protestants, catholic became the second leading by 31.3%, while the Jewish accounted for 1.3%. 23.7% of all abortions carried out were with women who have no religious affiliations while, in contrast, 18% of all abortions performed were by women who termed themselves as 'born again or evangelical'Abortion Facts (1)

Research Paper on Bible and Law Abortion Assignment

Some of the deeds that led to this abortion were categorized as follows, a big chunk of abortion cases were as the result of various social reasons, this amounted to 93% of all abortions, 1% of the abortions were as a result of incest or rape, while, 6% of all the abortions performed were as a result of a potential health problem on either the mother or the child Abortion Fact (1)

. According to the data acquired, research shows that 52% of the abortions that took place were from women, who were in their 9th week of pregnancy, 25% of the abortions happened between their 9th and 10th week, 12% of the abortions took place between the 11th and the 12th week, while 6% and 4% happened in the 13th & 15th week and 16th & 20th respectively. 1% of the abortions, on the other hand, happened after the 20th week of pregnancy Abortion Fact (1)

In the United States, the following ten states were found to be more rampant in abortion cases. These states are in the order of the most prone to least prone to abortion cases, they are; California, New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania being the least. This ever rising abortion cases has been facilitated by the laxity of the law in matters related to abortion. Women have been allowed by the constitution to obtain an abortion for any autonomous reason. This is shown by the Supreme Court ruling passed in January 1973, which declared that, autonomous abortion rights are built into the Constitution and that any legal barriers, which prevent mothers from aborting their children, are unconstitutional'.

View of abortion in Indonesia

Indonesia is known to be developing Islamic nation and some of its abortion practices can be compared to the United States, which is a developed country with the majority of its citizens being Christians Indonesia ( 1)

.Unlike the U.S., Indonesian law on abortion is based on the national health bill passed in 1992 which states that, the law allows abortion to be carried out only when the woman in need of it produces the following; a confirmation from a certified doctor that she has a life-threatening complication caused by her pregnancy, a letter of consent from either the husband or any family member, a statement showing that she will adhere to and practice contraception afterwards, and a positive pregnancy test to show that she is indeed pregnant. In year 2000 alone, more than 2 million abortions were carried out in Indonesia, this is in comparison to the 42 million abortions carried out in the U.S. Indonesia ( 1)

Church Doctrine concerning abortion

Many churches in the U.S. And other parts of the world are also torn apart in this controversial debate. Though there are very many existing churches in U.S., alone, some of them include; Episcopal, Presbyterian (USA), United Methodist, United Church of Christ and this group as per their doctrine, do not approve abortion, but support the fact that a woman can seek an abortion, if it is in her best interest Presbyterian Church (USA)( 234)

. Unlike this other group of churches such as the Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic who oppose any reason for an abortion Catechism of the Catholic Church ( 2271)

Position Statements ( 452)

Abortion in the Bible

From a biblical perspective, the bible has been keen on sensitive matters like abortion. Though there is no direct indicated that abortion is a sin, the bible has used various examples and themes to show that abortion is a sinDonald P. Judges ( 4)

. And so I too conclude that abortion is a sin from the following reasons derived from a biblical perspective. These reasons are; Abortion is an act of murder, Abortion attempts to destroy a work of God, Abortion show lack of faith, abortion brings out the sin of self-righteousness and protection of the weak and helpless Rae ( 31)

To begin with, abortion is considered an act of murder: this is shown clearly by the fact that, in the entire bible, an unborn child has been referred to as a child or an infant and, therefore, according to the bible, the infant was highly valued and it is even named before birth. Babies were dedicated to the church even before they were conceived, and pregnant mothers were highly placed Com ( 4)

. In addition, Job quotes that, "Or as a hidden untimely birth, I had not been; as infants which never saw light," this implies that a unborn child is considered an infant and not a fetus King James Version ( Job 3:16)

. The fact that an unborn is not considered a fetus as the bible puts it is also supported by science. According to various researches done on human reproduction system, studies show that in a fetal cycle, the nervous system composing of the brain, the spinal cord, hair and skin starts to form at 1-4 weeks, this further implies that with this system in place, the baby has the foundation for feeling, sense, thoughts and many more. Later at 6 weeks, structures begin to form, these structures are the ones that will form the actual legs and arms, and they are called the limb buds. 10 to 12 weeks into the pregnancy, the fetus starts to make small tiny random movement that can be felt by the mother. With all these signs of a something wonderful growing inside a woman's womb in mind, why can't we categorize it as a child and prevent termination of life for social reasons Alcorn ( 43)

In Roman, (13:4) it is written "upon him that doeth evil," this is mentioned in the context that, the bible sees civil authorities as the ones supposed to uphold justice at whatever cost and those as in the current world who are and have joined the general public in the pro-life movement. Therefore, the bible expects and commands the civil authorities to administer justice. Christians should act as ambassadors of Christ and say clearly what the bible term as a sin and what is not, through this general public can repent and stop some of the sins being encouraged because, "For by the law is the knowledge of sin" King James Version ( Rom.3:20)

The bible also emphasizes that abortion is a form of killing, killing a child in the womb is also murder and is a crime punishable by the death penalty. This is supported by the commandment that says; "Thou shalt not kill" King James Version ( Exodus 21:20-13)

and if one sacrifices a child, "he shall surely be put to death" King James Version ( Leviticus 20:1-5)

. The bible continues to oppose killing as shown in Exodus 21:22-23, which says, "If men strive, and hurt a women with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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