Bible: Nature vs. God Term Paper

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Bible: Nature vs. God

There has always been much controversy regarding the concept of God and His relationship with science. Theology has practically been created as a means to have the world gain a better understanding of God without having to focus on absurd theories that can even be refuted by a child. The masses are inclined to believe that religion and science are opposite to each-other as while one puts across unconfirmed theories, the other's main goal is to only take established theories for granted. Theologians have the task of forming a bridge between religion and science, one of their main points of interest being to explain nature through God, as they claim that God cannot be explained through nature.

The world of science is determined to explain everything it comes across, with the matters that are not yet explained generating numerous debates. Scientists typically perceive nature "as a collection of inert material particles governed by external mathematical laws" (Lindberg & Numbers 169).

Thomas Aquinas, one of the most recognized theologians to discuss this matter, considered that these respective mathematical laws stood as a tool in the hands of God, as He collaborated with them and assisted them in fulfilling their mission. Theology virtually brings together scientific information and religious belief. It would be absurd and ignorant to consider that religion cannot be studied through using science or vice-versa.

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Islamic scholars, Greek orthodoxy, and Protestants are responsible for generating a series of theological thoughts and can be considered to have played a major role in shaping the modern-day world of science (Lindberg & Numbers 2).

Although science and religion put across completely diverging opinions until the recent centuries, matters gradually changed and religious people came to appreciate new scientific concepts that were in accordance with particular Christian principles whereas scientists embraced a theological approach of religion and acknowledged the fact that many Christian convictions were essential in assisting society as it struggled to abandon its dedication towards materialism (Lindberg & Numbers 238).

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In spite of the fact that it was impossible for them to ever accept certain concepts promoted by Christianity, numerous individual stressing the importance of science came to the conclusion that humanity needed religion as a means of strengthening its connection with morality, given that religion was one of the main factors for which the masses could understand the difference between right and wrong. Scientists reached a phase where they associated God with morality, considering that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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