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¶ … biblical world view.

Contrast the characteristics and consistency of three other worldviews i.e. use naturalism, existentialism, pantheism

The Biblical worldview is different to other world views in that it is metaphysical which means that it is immune from scientific investigation and, being not reducible to scientific (or physical factors) cannot be evaluated and tested in the laboratory. In this way, it has a certain consistency since its adherents need only open the Bible, read the words and apply them to their situation taking the Writ as said. Its consistency, moreover, is not only universal but also inter-generational since, unlike science which is a subject that changes and undergoes paradigmatic change (Kuhn, 1962); the Bible possesses a certain authority that outlasts age.

Paradigmatic changes, according to Kuhn, are particular to the world of science -- or naturalism. They happen due to the fact that sufficient evidence has accumulated on a certain subject that seems to overthrow many of its assumptions and perplex scholars. We are each born within a certain weltanschauung in which we grow up to believe certain things and find it difficult to dismiss those acculturations. The teachings of the Bible are an example of that where each community or society (or religious school) may learn the teachings of the Bible in a certain way and find it difficult to change their shift.

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Science (or naturalism), however, is premised on physical evidence and when this physical evidence becomes disturbed, the scientific community is thrown into a state of crisis during which new ideas are tried. Scientific revolutions' or 'paradigm shifts' occur and the students of the new scientific discipline again become entrenched into a consolidated way of thinking that is shaken only when further disrupting information appears.

Term Paper on Biblical View Assignment

The Bible, however, being resilient to scientific attempts to 'prove' it, theoretically, escapes these 'paradigm shifts' and, in this way, obtains a certain consistency.

On the other hand, we are each shaped by our own experiences and read texts in a particular way imbuing them with certain meaning. Authors may write texts during as certain period and invest them with a certain meaning that, read by someone at a far later age, may be totally misunderstood due to the fact that the reader is interpreting it within his or her own particular lens of experience and time context. In this way, the Bible's account of genesis, for instance, may have meant something totally different when the narrative was authored. Each succeeding generation, however, imbues it with its own meaning depending on locality and historical epoch. Their attempt to apply the Bible to their own existence and their particular comprehension, ipso facto, differs. and, in this way, the Bible lacks consistency.

Existentialism, too, has a certain mode of consistency and inconsistency. On the one hand, it premises itself on 'authenticity -- on the essential inner being of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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