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However, changes in finances and in management may not adapt too well in the first years of business. Product lines will be vulnerable at the start, being a new company and offering something which is unique. Promotions of goods and services will be required to launch the company at first. Fortunately, being a small local business, the launch will not take very long as client relationships will be well established within the community (May, 2009). The business, Big Dog, will adapt to change as long as it satisfies its goal of being the leader in eco-friendly pet products.

The supply chain organization of the business will be very small, and does not need as much management from the start. Once sales begin to climb, we will hire a second person to take over inventory and office management. This person will coordinate orders and deliveries, pay bills, and provide back-up customer service coverage. In the second and third years we plan to hire a part-time sales representative to expand our commercial sales nationally. The personnel plan will be evaluated regularly and, as growth requires it, a detailed personnel plan will be developed based on business needs with guidance from the Occupational Outlook Handbook and staffing agencies. Our website, marketing and trade show activities are being undertaken under the advice of independently contracted consultants familiar with the pet-care industry.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Big Dog | Strategic Plan Assignment

Big Dog is a promising company which has a lot of potential in the market, offering new and unique products. On top of that, the products which Big Dog will be producing are environmentally friendly, which is something the economy is looking more into -- we see it in cars and in homes. The target market of this company is very small and specific; not only looking at pet lovers, but catering to those with large dogs. Most pet industry businesses offer fashion and haute couture for smaller pets -- toy dogs -- Big Dog intends to enter the market with a different target segmentation, aiming to create tight customer relationships and running its business on networking. However, a number of threats pose to this company, not only in its competitors, but in offering new and unique products which consumers may be skeptic of. In the pet industry, dog owners would rather entrust the care of their pets to products which they are familiar with, those with an established household name. Additionally, having a very specific target market will prove to have its setbacks.


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