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Everything is determined by economics these days and this is the dividing those who have technology and those who don't have, it's the same situation of 'have's and 'have not's'. More than half of the world cannot afford the technology and due to exploitive economic systems and conditions more than 80% of the population in the world do not get clean water and are more concerned about their survival. The big corporations have their monopoly and hold on the technology, not only the technology is out of reach for most of the people but also when it comes to them it is either out-dated or replaced by newer technology. United States and Europe have the 80% resources and due to the unjust economic systems there is a huge gap between the nations and we can see clearly those who are extraordinary advanced technology and those for whom it is out of reach. Technology not only discriminates but it also creates a world in which resources are in the hands of few who use it as a tool to maintain their power.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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It is right that we have acquired great technology but for the world to progress and to have greater equality it should be within the reach of every human being and for this there has to be a radical change in the economic systems. I think the belief in progress is a myth we are in the same period of kings where the few were allowed and were invited in the banquet. In the same manner few have access to technology and the corporations are like kings using technology as their power to have more profit. All I can say is that to be in a grocery store does not mean that you can buy the stuff and window-shopping is…
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