BIM Strategy Developing BIM Implementation Research Paper

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The product can be very useful in the country, but there are some dire challenges prior to implementing any program. Despite the fact that the Arab Spring has left the country in some amount of turmoil, there has been little training regarding this type of technology (NGAB, 2007). The implementation of BIM would be a boon to the industry because Libya has been involved in some far-reaching construction projects, and it would allow the country to produce its own experts in the field instead of relying on foreign management of projects. Of course, the main drawbacks to using BIM are training and cost, but these seem to be minor hurdles to cross. Construction technology classes could be designed at the university level, and these operators be ready to work very quickly. The cost could also be easily absorbed by the government.

Libya CAD

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Some may say that using CAD as an entry point would also serve the people better than simply implementing BIM systems from the first. Although the Libyan construction industry has used CAD programs in the past, these have generally been under the control of outside engineering and design firms (McGraw-Hill, 2009). Extending this knowledge to the Libyan people should not take a great deal of time and may be a quicker means of implementing the full scope of BIM software over time. The main reason that this has not already happened is because it has been easier in the past to hire foreign companies to come into the country and design and produce the needed projects. However, if Libya wants its own people to train and become competent on these systems, the training required may be better started with competence using CAD modeling and then progressing to more advanced BIM techniques as the knowledge of the programs increases.


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Research Paper on BIM Strategy Developing BIM Implementation Assignment

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