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While the nation continues to ready itself for a possible bio-terrorist attack in the present, it is also preparing for how to handle the possibility in the future (Smolkin, 2003). Future plans are more about proactive actions than reactive actions (Neil, 2003). One of the things that is being done is the education of the public about the possibility of attacks on crops. The world is aware that crippling the ability to grow crops would place a serious financial and human burden on the nation's residents as well as the American government. Therefore, any concerns about future bio-terrorist attacks must include the possibility of crop attacks and steps being taken to prevent that from happening.

Biological weapons programs around the world have focused on developing wheat stem rust, Madden said. Other diseases that could be used in crop bio-terrorism are soybean rust and rice blast." The focus is currently on determining what the most serious risks are to the states.

Many states have taken measures to prepare for the future when it comes to the threat of bio-terrorist attacks (All, 2003). Ohio has implemented a homeland security program that has a multi-stepped approach to the future. "The state has spent $32 million in federal money to update its communications, laboratory and emergency systems so that it can respond efficiently and effectively should smallpox, anthrax or any other disease be used as a weapon of mass destruction. By August 2004, the federal government will make another $16 million available for Ohio (All, 2003)."

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The state, which is representative of many states in its actions regarding bio-terrorism has taken several steps to prepare. Some of the things that have been done are:

Identified sites for mass vaccination and distribution of antibiotics and developed a smallpox vaccination plan for public health and response teams. The state has immunized 1,759 health care workers for smallpox so far.

Term Paper on Bio-terrorism. The Writer Explores What Assignment

Established contracts with local partners in seven regions to create regional bio-terrorism plans, and developed regional response plans among hospitals to include rural and Appalachian Ohio;

Increased the number of epidemiologists or people trained to investigate diseases;

Upgraded software and communications lines for the state's disease reporting system;

Renovated lab space to handle samples of agents identified as being used for bio-terrorism (All, 2003). "


Bio-terrorism has always been a concern, but the events of 9-11 brought it to the forefront of the nation. The possibility of being attacked through the use of bio-terrorist agents is no longer considered a science fiction impossibility, and is instead a future probability according to experts. The nation has spent the past three years stepping up the pace in preparation and agencies are working together to know how to handle any attack that may come. With the cooperation of all states, and the federal government, any group that decides to use bio-terrorism to attack America may be surprised and the response.


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Communicating Risks During Wartime and Terrorist Situations; National Military, Civilian and Federal Health Care Experts Set to Discuss Strategies and Applications.

Girding for terror: news organizations are making contingency plans to keep operating during… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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