Biological Agent Release: DRNC Event Research Paper

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It took two weeks for Robert Stevens, a photo editor at The Sun, to develop symptoms and subsequently be hospitalized after sniffing anthrax powder dispatched via post (ABC, 2011).


The most appropriate communication approach to make use of in this scenario would ideally contain all the basic tenets of emergency risk communication. The most important components of such communication include, acknowledgement of uncertainty, expression of the system of response in place, dissemination of anticipatory guidance, and minimization of panic. While acknowledgement of uncertainty and expression of the system of response in place should aim at admitting the distress of the audience, with regard to the situation and expressing the process in place to contain the situation; dissemination of anticipatory guidance and minimization of panic should focus on letting the audience know what to expect and offering the official position so as to avert instances of poor judgment.

Guidelines for Crime Scene Investigations Personnel Responding to the Incident

Two things are of great importance when it comes to the response to an incident of this nature and handling of bioterror materials: the safety of crime scene investigations personnel and the need to prevent not only the contamination but also the destruction or loss of evidence.

Scene Survey

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Critical information could be gathered from first responders, including witnesses and bystanders. Conduction of scene assessment could also help determine the need for additional personnel or resources. The scene also ought to be evaluated for secondary threats including, but not limited to IEDs.

Protective Gear

Crime scene investigations personnel responding to the incident should be donned in protective gear, including gloves, respiratory protection approved by the NIOSH, and protective clothing.

Boundary Definition and Control

Research Paper on Biological Agent Release: DRNC Event Assignment

The control of boundaries is of great importance when it comes to not only the protection of crime scene but also securing of evidence. It is recommended that boundaries "be established beyond the initial scope of the crime scene(s) with the understanding that the boundaries can be reduced in size if necessary but cannot be as easily expanded" (FBI, 2000). It is also important that evidence that could be lost be preserved or protected from tire tracks, or such elements as wind and rain.

Incident Report and other Relevant Documentation

There is also need for an incident report to be completed. Ideally, this could be completed with the inceptive responding law enforcement agency. Copies of the report could then be forwarded to the relevant agencies. There is also need to ensure that chain of custody of evidence is maintained. On principle, the documentation required is largely founded on the outcome of scene assessment (FBI, 2000). In that regard, therefore, such documentation as notes, sketches, video, or photography could be utilized. In essence, "a well-documented scene ensures the integrity of the investigation and provides a permanent record for latter evaluation" (FBI, 2000).

Collection of Evidence

All physical evidence possibilities ought to be considered. The search pattern adopted on this front should be systematic. It should be noted that to avoid instances where subsequent processing is compromised by initial techniques, the FBI recommends that a progression of collection as well as processing methods be selected (FBI, 2000).

Residual Hazard

There is a high likelihood that residual hazard could occasion or lead to additional casualties. In that regard, therefore, the relevance of physical protection cannot be overstated as a precautionary measure or safeguard during the collection of evidence.

Sanitization and Disposal of Tools and Equipment

The FBI recommends that single-use equipment be utilized "when performing direct collection of biological samples" (FBI, 2000). Further, personal protective and other tools should be disposed or sanitized after the collection of evidence and/or exit of scene.


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