Term Paper: Biological Basis of Behavior

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[. . .] Alarm systems and weapons in the home are ways to ensure survival. One could also argue that certain traditions and rituals help to ease human beings through difficult transitions in life which help again, to ensure the survival of the species. Human beings are thinking and complex organisms with emotions and thoughts which can impact survival: for example, the death of a loved one can be a devastating blow to one's survival. Funerals are rituals which manifest as a form of organized human behavior which can help this transition be easier.

One real situation which occurred in my own life was manifested by a niece of mine who was going through a great deal of stress at home. Her parents were getting a divorce and neither parent was able to spend much time with her, unfortunately. She was attending a high-caliber High School of Performing Arts in New York City and was trying to become a ballet dancer. She was under enormous pressure from her ballet teachers at school and this was making her feel scared and uncertain most of the time. There was also a very heavy diet culture that pervaded throughout the school, and diets and diet programs were being passed along to students for much of the time. Eventually, this niece of mine developed anorexia-nervosa and lost 25 lbs, being unable to eat, and eventually unable to dance. She had to go into a part time program which sought to reverse the psychological conditioning she had undergone and which also attempted to help her feel more compelled to eat and rebuild her self-esteem.


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