Biological Equipment Utilized to Detect Biological Weapons Essay

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1st Responders

A first responder can be anyone with medical knowledge or training who shows up on a scene of disaster before anyone else. This individual may have attained advanced medical training, although it would also describe someone who has only participated in basic medical courses. The term first responder is a generic term that applies to any one of the above mentioned individuals. Oftentimes these first responders are people who work in the traditional 'first response' categories such as fire, police and medical emergency personnel, but other responders can include people that might not otherwise be considered. These individuals may participate in first response training due to their remote locale, their job or their desire to be prepared. Some of the individuals who fall into non-traditional first responder category include; teachers, flight attendants, security and prison officers, hunting or fishing guides, and the ultimate 'be prepared' individual might be boys and girl scouts who live

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Training for these individuals is diverse and can consist of relatively simple first aid to complex setting of bones, treating of radiation and burns, as well as other medical emergency responses. Medical training is not the only training these individuals receive; they also receive training in a variety of other areas as well. With the wide array of natural and other disasters (Japan's recent earthquake is a prime example) that take place around the world on a regular basis, the first responder training acquired by these individuals is of utmost importance. A number of organizations provide training but a recent 2002 report on detecting biological weapon use decried the lack of knowledge for first responders regarding biological warfare. The report showed that "diagnosis may be delayed given clinicians unfamiliarity with these diseases" (Borio, et al., 2002).

The Borio et al. study determined that clinical manifestations could include body rashes, hemorrhagic diathesis, fevers, sweating and shock.

Essay on Biological Equipment Utilized to Detect Biological Weapons Assignment

First responders would not necessarily be able to determine that these symptoms, on an individual level, were necessarily derived from a biological attack, but other circumstances may assist in that determination. Those circumstances could include a large number of individuals with very similar symptoms, or an entire area being effected at roughly the same time frame.

Basic and advanced medical training are now being offered by a number of organizations.

An example would be the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that provides a wide array of training for firemen and first responders. Training supplied by the NFPA includes certification in a number of areas such as; Certified Fire Protection Specialist,

Certified Fire Inspector (I and II) and Certified Fire Plan Examiner. These are advanced courses in how to prepare for fire emergencies; more basic training for first responders might include courses on CPR and emergency first aid.

Basic courses can be found through organizations such as the American Red Cross. The Red Cross website states that "Red Cross first aid, CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) training meets the needs of workplace responders, schools, professional responders and healthcare providers" (American Red Cross, 2011).

Knowing how to use an AED or how to provide CPR is one of the first steps in providing first aid to those who may need it on an emergency basis.

The NFPA has published standards that first responders should have in order to be effective in regards to emergency medical care. Those standards include "first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, basic life support (first responder or EMT), advanced life support (paramedic), and other medical procedures that occur prior to arrival at a hospital or other medical facility" (NFPA -- 1006, 2008, p. 8).

One piece of equipment that seems to be essential to both the first responders on the EMT

level and the first responder on a more advanced level is the basic first aid kit.


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