Biologist He Was Born Term Paper

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He loved her then stopped loving her, you see

Or she loved him but her love flew away.

Too soon love becomes the same old story; story of feelings that cannot stay.

Sooner or later the best of love dies;

The poetry and kisses die too,

Until the joy of love turns into sighs,

Leaving all moments unhappy and blue.

So please do not say that love is splendid;

It's just a song that hasn't yet ended.

The Misfit's Side of the Story

Me and Hiram and Bobby Lee had quite a day today. We thought it would be a day full of nothing but running now that we are out of the Federal Pen. But we had the pleasure of stumbling upon a lovely southern family that was kind enough to increase the total number of our victims by six. There was a mamma, a papa, two young ones, a baby, and an old lady. Those poor people -- they never made it to their vacation and the worse thing is that they never saw it coming. It must have been some shock to be heading somewhere and then stumble upon The Misfit and his gang. Meeting up with The Misfit is no vacation. You can always tell when folks are going on vacation. They wear their bright and fancy vacation clothes and they always have to take grandma along. Grandma in her nice dress was looking all nice and pretty until she realized she was looking at The Misfit. Can I help it if my reputation has managed to spread over these parts?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Biologist He Was Born a Assignment

That granny and all her Jesus talk. She might have been a nice woman if she ever tried to shut up but who could ever tell with her mouth running all the time like that? It must have been driving her family crazy to hear her going on and on in the car. Well, I might have even done them a favor. No one should talk that much. She almost got to me with her talk about Jesus -- she even said that I had good blood in me. She almost had me thinking that maybe if I prayed, I might find something out about myself. But I knew better than that. The head doctors already told me that I was a killer and there was nothing that could save me. That includes that old granny and her Jesus. Jesus was the one who messed everything up anyway. That old lady was agitating me with all her talk to the point that I could not take it anymore. If I had not have put me and her both out of our misery, I don't know what would have happened. I kept her cat as a souvenir of our happy little talk but I will not miss her. It sure isn't fun being a cold-blooded killer but that's what they told me I am, and so I… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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