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[. . .] Computers do not have any of the five levels of organization of life, so they cannot be "alive" even though they react to our input.

There are five levels in the organization of life. The first is cells, which are the basic structural unit in all living things. Cells can be very different, such as blood cells, bone cells, skin cells, etc. Next is tissue and all living things have tissue, too. Tissue is made up of cells that are alike, like bone tissue and muscle tissue. Third are organs, and they are a vital part of the organization of life. They give life to many objects, and are made up of groups of tissues that work together, like the heart, the lungs, the liver, and so on. Fourth are organ systems, which are made up of groups of two or more tissues. Examples of these include digestive, circulatory, skeletal, reproductive, etc. Finally are the organisms. These are fully alive and can grow, reproduce, take in food and excrete it, etc. They are usually made up of organ systems, but they can be single celled.

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