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Prokaryotes produce a similar effect by shifting reading frames during translation (Gene pp). The translation of RNA into a protein also starts with a specific start and stop sequence (Gene pp). Once produced, the protein interacts with the many other proteins in the cell, according to the cell metabolism, finally producing the trait (Gene pp).

The 3 types of RNA: Messenger RNA m-RNA An RNA copy of a gene;

Ribosomal RNA r-RNA Ribosomal structure; also includes the enzyme peptidyl transferase; Transfer RNA t-RNA Transfer amino acids to ribosome; have anticodons which match the m-RNA codons (Lecture pp).

Mutations may occur in a several ways, for example natural variations within regulatory sequences appear to underlie many of the heritable characteristics seen in organisms and the influence of such variations on the trajectory of evolution through natural selection may be as large as or larger than variation in sequences that encode proteins (Gene pp). Errors during DNA replication may lead to the duplication of a gene, which may diverge over time and though the two sequences may remain the same or be only slightly altered, they are typically regarded as separate genes (Gene pp).

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