Biology Invertebrates: Echinodermata Phyla Essay

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Each would have a unique function. The morphology of the tapeworm allows it to feed off its host.

Phylum Nematoda

6a. How does the number of body cavities of nematodes compare with that of flatworms?

Flatworms have no body cavities. Nematodes have one.

b. What are the advantages of a digestive tract having a separate entrance and exit?

This allows specialization zones within the digestive tract.

c. Female Ascaris are more numerous than males. Why might this be adaptive?

There might be more females so that the creature could reproduce at higher rates.

7. How would you describe the motion of a nematode?

The motion of nematodes is caused by contraction and relaxing of muscles. It can move forward by extension but not much sideways.

8a. The cuticle of Ascaris is flaky and tough. What might be an adaptive advantage of a thick and tough cuticle?

The thick, tough cuticle would protect the creature from predators more easily than a thin one.

b. Where do the internal organ of Ascaris attach to the body wall?

The stomach and up into the intestines

c. How does the diameter of the female reproductive tract change?

It opens to the extieror

d. Are any sensory organs evident in Ascaris? Why would this be adaptive?

They have bristles around the mouth and chemosensory. This tells them when they are near a food source.

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Class Hirudinea

8e. How could production of a packet-like spermatophore contribute to the evolutionary success of leeches in their environment?

The packet-like spermatophore makes reproduction more likely in watery environments where the sperm could otherwise be destroyed.

Essay on Biology Invertebrates: Echinodermata Phyla: What Assignment

9. List three or four characteristics
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