Biomechanics Is the Application Term Paper

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Biomechanics finds it greatest uses in the studies of athletes and industrial workers. The main aims of studies being increasing performance efficiently without compromising physical health.

Biomechanics as its definition suggests is a cross disciplinary field. It combines the studies of mechanics, physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, and even statistics. There are few undergraduate degrees in Biomechanics available. But as a specialized professional field, masters and doctoral degrees are available. A typical curriculum for a degree in Biomechanics would involve the student taking courses in: statistical methods, in the theory and design and physical activity, factors influencing exercise performance, neural basis for movement, motor control and learning, measuring motor behavior, motor development, cardio-respiratory adaptations to environment and principles of human physiology. Of course, there are specialized branches of Biomechanics. Sports medicine is one. Industrial Biomechanics is another.

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Biomechanics is a specialized field and is finding its niche in almost every walk of life from home furnishings, to apparel (especially shoes), the work place and sports. Most of the associated employment opportunities would therefore be in the areas of (besides pure research and teaching) sports medicine, biomechanics of dentistry, design of prosthetics, ergonomics, orthopedics, combined with a computer science degree and biomechanics -- computer simulation of biomechanics, orthopedics and muscle studies, trauma and reconstruction, physical therapy, motion analysis and locomotion, bio-robotics and rehabilitation. (, 2003)

In conclusion, we can return to Socrates' belief that one must understand one's own body before changing the surroundings. In this endeavor, Biomechanics goes a long way.

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