Biotechnology's Influence on Human Life Is Growing Essay

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Biotechnology's influence on human life is growing exponentially, and has already made significant advances in the areas of agriculture with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) (Johnson,, gene splicing therapy including DNA mapping and the practice in certain countries of trying to influence the intelligence of babies (Swedin, The ethics of biotechnology are just the beginning of the controversies in this area, with the highly productive uses of this technology to increase crop yields and increase the likelihood of defeating life-threatening diseases on the one hand yet threaten privacy and human life on the other. The intent of this paper is to compare how biotechnology can make significant contributions to human life, in addition to potentially threatening it as well.

The Promise of Biotechnology

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The most promising aspects of biotechnology are first in understanding how viruses organize themselves and grow, and how they can be countered at the genetic level in humans. The immediate effect of this advance is to reduce mortality from diseases that appear uncontrollable today, including AIDS, cancer and other terminal diseases. Yet the study of viruses is not limited to just these areas of medicine. There are implications for making integrated circuits more efficient and less costly to operate based on lessons being learned from biotechnology's use in virus-based integrated circuit design (Fairley, 36-41). The addition of stem cell research to understand the implications of DNA mapping and gene-splicing to alleviate potentially harmful genetic conditions in patients also shows the potential to make significant contributions to bettering the quality of human life. There are arguments for and against the ethics of understanding how DNA mapping and gene-splicing impact humans, yet having these insights are critical for prolonging and enhancing the quality of human life.

The Threats of Biotechnology

TOPIC: Essay on Biotechnology's Influence on Human Life Is Growing Assignment

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