Term Paper: Black Studies - Philosophy the Value

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Black Studies - Philosophy

The value of Philosophy

Every human thought, emotion and action is aimed at adapting to the external environment. However, we as human being do not simply adapt to the environment by controlling the environment, rather we try to find the underlying reason for human existence. The main value in philosophy lies that it engages students in disciplined and imaginative thinking about the philosophical questions that arise naturally in the course of human existence. As human being are not exceptional and in order to become better, we need the influence of souls that are superior to our own. Therefore, it becomes critical for us to study and critically reflect on the readings of Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Kant, Dostoyevsky, et al.

By reading these classics, we find that reflection and human thinking about the existence of life is a century's old perennial question.

Philosophy seeks answers to the ultimate questions we ask about God, the universe, and human existence. Philosophy does not claim to know the final answers to all these questions, but it does provide insights for all who reflect seriously on these fundamental issues. The aim of the philosophy thus becomes to analyze arguments and assess the value of various claims to knowledge. As a systematic discipline, philosophy develops an integral view of the world, with a special focus on the human person. As an ethical discipline, philosophy presents an account of the rational principles, which ought to guide one's moral life.

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