Term Paper: Blackberry Playbook: Critical Evaluation

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[. . .] The screen resolution and size of the display is essentially designed to provide adequate support for business professionals. The target market of the product is also facilitated through the presence of front and rear cameras enabling the users to communicate effectively using the product.

Nature of Product:

The products are segregated in two major categories including consumer and industrial products. The product is targeted to provide value for consumers. The industrial products have a large scale usage in business manufacturing and operations. However the dual nature of the product and increased tilt towards a consumer product for business and professional users enables it to be categorized as a consumer product. The nature of the consumer products is subcategorized as convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought products. These categories enable a business to clearly define its market segment in terms of product value for its consumers. The Blackberry Playbook is categorized as a convenience consumer product.

Value preposition:

The products deliver certain value against the price paid by the consumers. The value preposition of a product is essentially defined in terms of a significant difference between the perceived benefits of a product and the perceived price. It is also defined in terms of the ratio for perceived benefits and perceived price. It is important to note that the products are bought with least intentions on key features. They are bought in terms of the perceived benefits by the customers. It is also one of the key features and function for assessment providing the business decision makers a thoughtful insight of the product values. The perceptions of consumers are important to realize the benefits sought by the customers. There are multiple means to define the benefits of a product and perceived value preposition of the products. The value prepositions are defined in terms of more for meaning thereby that more benefits are perceived and more prices charged for the products. Similarly it is more perceived benefits and the same price is charged as benefits. More for less value preposition is regarded as increased perceived benefits and fewer prices are charged for the product. Same for less, less for much less is also defined as per the above mentioned criteria.

The value preposition of Blackberry Playbook is regarded as more for less. The features of the product are compared to the similar category of products and it is determined that Blackberry Playbook is less costly than the comparative brands including Apple. The product benefits are perceived as higher than the compared competitors. Whereas the price charged for the product is far less than the competition. The cost of purchasing an Apple product is higher. It is often argued that a complete comparison of these products is not possible. It is true to a certain extant where iPad targets a different market and Blackberry has altogether a different product. The business needs of the customers are fulfilled through careful features of the product and price is less than the perceived value of the product. Therefore it is concluded that the product fulfills the said criterion for value preposition.

Product Life Cycle:

The product life cycle management is a technique used to asses various business areas. It is also applicable for individual products, product portfolios, and complete business. It is observed that there are four distinct stages on each business's life as well as the products. These stages are comprised of various stages. It is also likely to note that each stage has a distinct future. The advantages of product life cycle assessment are noted as it provides a time frame required to maintain high level understanding for business executive. The products introduced in the market stay in high demand for a certain period of time. After that the high demand is either replaced with other products as well as new technology.

The stages of product are also measured to assess the revenue potential and requirements for improvements. The stages of product life cycle are Introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. All these stages are relevant in case of Blackberry Playbook as well. The product sales are nil prior of introduction of the product and gradually it is observed that sales are increased with marketing and advertising of the product features. The growth stage is attained when a certain number of products are sold on regular basis and increased demand is projected.

It is also observed that the product generates maximum amount of sales during the maturity stage. However after attaining maturity the product sales are declined and it is either replaced with new products or renewed features. The sales and profits are also directly proportionate therefore the number of products sold as well as the profitability is also affected during various stages. The figure below provides a vivid understanding of the products life cycle.

Figure: Product Life Cycle:

Source: (Pride, & Ferrell, 2006)

The Playbook falls under the category of a highly technological product. It is also observed that the changes occurring in technology has affected the life span of a product. New technologies as well as multiple featured products are replacing older versions of devices as well as software. The technology change is the major factor which requires the business to adopt increased features as well as improve the old product versions. The business loosing track of technological changes frequently face business performance challenges in technological advancements product lines. Similarly Blackberry Playbook also requires a frequent update and in order to catch up with the market trends and demands. The rival products always pose a challenge in computing industry.

PLC Stage of Blackberry Playbook:

The stage of the product is observed as maturity as maximum number of sales is observed. The changes in technology, additional features, and additional advancements are required to regain the market position. The business has established its understanding for attaining sustainable product life cycle. It is essential for organizations to recognize the concepts of sustainability. The environmental factors are considered as relevant components of sustainable life cycle assessments for product life cycle.

Figure: Sustainable Life Cycle Assessment of RIM

Source: Research in Motion

The features of the sustainable product life cycles are defined by the business in terms of five stages including the raw materials, production, distribution, product use, and end of life. The above mentioned life cycle is relevant to understand the importance of corporate social responsibility in RIM. The corporation values its environment and as a result the products developed are based on the concepts of sustainable products life cycles.

Competitors Analysis:

The competitors' analysis is essential to understand the product and business position as a whole. There review of external business environment provides an insight regarding the product competitors. The competitors' analysis provides a business the opportunity to perform their strategic position analysis. The useful techniques for such analysis are SWOT analysis. The identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats enables a business to assess key elements influencing its products and business. It can be performed for business, product portfolio, and individual product. The analysis is based on the review of external as well as internal environment of business. The technique also allows the business to assess key elements of success, failures, and a reassessment of its strategies to attain objectives. The SWOT analysis for Blackberry Playbook is presented below to provide an overview of the current product position.

Figure: SWOT Analysis of Blackberry Playbook

Factor's Location

Type of Factors





Growing Product Image

Comprehensive product features:

Handsome Sales figures


Existing customers base

Product Availability



Advanced Technology

Broad Product Portfolio


Increasing Compaction

Short Product Life Cycle

Main product competitors:

The major rivals of the product can be categorized as large organizationsdealing in tablet computing devices. The features and not exactly the same an s product however the overall similarity in the products is found. The target market of the product is mainly business and professional users. It is not exclusively tragedy by other companies than Samsung. The product rivals are defined in the table below.

Table: Competitors of the Product.

Business Name

Product Name

Research In Motion

Blackberry Playbook 4G


Galaxy Tab 2.0


Google Nexus 7


Amazon Kindle Fire HD


Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad 4

Type of competition:

The composition present in the product markets is classified in numerous terms including pure competition, monopolistic competition, and pure monopoly. The technological products in tablet computing do not have a monopolistic market attribute. The technology is available for usage to various large scale organizations. The technology business has various competitors ranging from well-known brands to small scale manufacturers situated in emerging markets. The Blackberry Playbook has a pure competition in the market. The business has to compete on the grounds of product features and capabilities. The core, actual, and augmentative product features are compared with the technology products offered from competitors.

Pricing Strategy:

The pricing strategy of products is an essential element… [END OF PREVIEW]

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