Blended Management Style Business Management in Theory Term Paper

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¶ … Blended Management Style

Business management in theory as opposed to practice often craves certainty. Managers demand certainty in the data they analyze, certainty in how the standard operating procedures are obeyed by their work colleagues, to make an organization fair and effective. Managers often seek certain ways of doing business, namely the most effective ways of doing business. But often this craving for certainty causes some managers to single-mindedly adopt a particular theory of managerial governance regarding their personal style of communication with their fellow associates. In the name of fairness, they treat everyone the same, without a regard for individual needs and differences. This is the mistake a blended management style seeks to avoid.

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One might call this blindness to emotional and personal differences a traditionally male or authoritarian schema of approaching one's subordinates and colleagues. But to deal with human beings is to deal with uncertain quantities, as one can never be certain of how an employee will react to one's commands or overtures as a manger. One deals not with a number or job description, but with a whole constellation of personal preferences, past history, and personal needs. Also, to succeed in today's world, one must be responsive to all situations and types of people, a fact that a standardized or less human approach does not always embrace. Today's workplace is continually changing in the faces that it wears and the languages that it speaks, and the needs of today's global economy are also continually changing. Managers must change with it, and it is not enough to exchange one popular theory for another -- one must change immediately, and now as a person as well as demand change of one's employees.

Term Paper on Blended Management Style Business Management in Theory Assignment

This is why I believe my blended management style is ideal for my organization and the approach of businesses in the future, as well as for myself. It is only fitting that one speaks of today's greater workplace diversity in regards to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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