Term Paper: Blogs on Business Communications

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[. . .] However, this is not considered the most effective strategy that can be used in communicating with customers. This is because most of them feel irritated when they receive such messages. They feel that their private space has been invaded. This determines them to develop resistance towards companies that send such messages, and their products. Therefore, companies should use instant messaging in communicating with their employees and business partners.

Companies can use instant messaging in promoting themselves to their employees. This is because they must also attract and retain their employees, not just their customers. In many aspects, employees are like their customers. Therefore, employees should also be offered certain benefits in addition to regular ones. Companies can promote different internal competitions through their instant messaging. This can determine employees to increase their motivation, and job satisfaction. It is important that companies understand to use instant messaging, wisely, with moderation, and in situations that allow it. In other words, they must help their employees understand that instant messaging must be used in order to easier send and receive work information, and not for entertaining purposes. Instant message conversation can be recorded. This is an important advantage in comparison with telephone calls.

There are also other benefits associated with IM. Instant messaging is a useful tool in connecting employees that work on off site locations. This can be the case of numerous businesses. In addition to this, IM helps companies reduce their costs. This is because telephone calls are more expensive in comparison with instant messaging. IM do not require large amounts of space on servers in comparison with email.


Blogs and instant messaging have made significant differences on business communications. Most of these differences are positive, and they provide improved quality for companies that use them. In addition to this, it is important to understand the potential of development and growth that these communication tools have. These tools are developed based on technological advancements. These are new tools in the communication field, and their potential is important in accordance with what is needed from them.

This is mostly the case of blogs. With the help of blogs, companies can build, change, improve their image. They can communicate directly with their customers. This helps develop a stronger relationship with their customers. This is also because it helps address different customer segments in different ways. Other types of communication channels require more Unitarian approaches to communication. Therefore, blogs can be an important tool in developing customer satisfaction, and in increasing customer loyalty.

The articles provided by blogs can be numerous, written in different styles, and addressing different types of audience segments. Some of blog articles can be focused on the relationship with authorities, others on the relationship with business partners, and others on the relationship with customers. This requires great flexibility and versatility from companies that use blogs. This means that such a blog should provide the articles of several writers that can write in different styles.

However, companies must often deal with the lack of credibility associated with these blogs. This is because certain people consider that the reduced censorship on blogs allows companies to provide whatever information they want, and it does not necessarily have to be true. There are also independent blogs where bloggers can write for certain companies. In exchange of money or other benefits, they write on whatever issues, trends, and information the company in case wants. In such cases, readers tend to lose their trust in these bloggers, and not read their articles. Therefore, writers must be careful in selecting the causes they write on.

Instant messaging is another tool that has significantly improved business communication. Instant messaging allows information to be sent and received faster, and it helps improve costs and efficiency of communication processes. Companies must develop communication strategies that use instant messaging for their internal communication. This mostly refers to informal communication. Instant messaging should be used together with other communication channels in accordance with the objectives of communication. It is important to use this communication tool in order to increase productivity.

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