Essay: Bloomington Food Object Report Community Development Objectives

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Bloomington Food object Report (Community Development Objectives)

Food delivery systems: Bloomington, Indiana

The objective of the project is to increase the consumption of locally-grown fruits and vegetables by Bloomington residents by opening a more affordable farmer's market, promoting healthy eating in the schools, making local produce more affordable in supermarkets, and expanding the ability of individuals to farm community gardens. This is important because 1.Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables has been linked to better health outcomes regarding a number of epidemic public health problems, including heart disease, type II diabetes, and certain cancers. 2. Increased fruit and vegetable consumption often results in decreased consumption of animal proteins. By making these products the center of more residents' main meals, there is less of need to consume livestock that releases methane into the atmosphere, one of the primary gases implicated in global warming. Additionally, processed foods containing animal products for fast food restaurants and other unhealthy sources of sustenance often travels long distances, further contributing to the problem of global warming because of the burning of fossil fuels during transportation. 3. Fruits and vegetables are less calorie-dense and higher in filling fiber than most animal-based foods, thus consuming fruits and vegetables is filling yet healthier for community residents to eat if they must lose weight. 4. Fruits and vegetables can be more costly than other sources of easy nutrition (like fast food) so making these products more available and affordable is a challenge that must be met by the community.

2. To achieve this objective, the first step would be to create a low-cost farmer's market for the community. Talking with the mayor of the city, and individuals in the public health and transportation systems would be required to aid in the creation of an open-air market where vendors could sell produce to the community without the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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