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8 yards per catch were the highest in the NFL that year. His second year with the Cowboys he gathered in 64 passes for 1,232 yards and he scored 13 touchdowns (Scribner). He was given the nickname "Bullet Bob Hayes" because no one could catch up to him. In fact, Scribner explains that defensive coordinators had to devise a special "zone defense" for Hayes because no defensive back could keep up with Hayes step for step.

He led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win in 1972 and made the Pro-Bowl three times, according to the Gale biography. He ended his career with 7,414 receiving yards and 71 touchdowns. But following his retirement from pro-football Hayes got heavily involved with drugs and alcohol and was arrested and sent to prison for "…selling narcotics" (Gale). He got out of prison after serving 10 months of a 5-year sentence, but "…he continued to struggle with drug and alcohol problems…moving in and out of rehab centers" (Gale). His involvement with drugs prevented him from not only getting into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame, but from getting into the Cowboys' "Ring of Honor" (Gale). Eventually, in 2001, he got into the Ring of Honor and in 2009 those who make decisions about the Pro-Football Hall of Fame inducted him posthumously in 2009 (

Why is Bob Hayes Inspirational To Me?

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First of all, for Hayes to emerge from a Jacksonville ghetto and a poor family to become a great high school and college athlete -- and later an Olympic and pro-football standout -- is a huge accomplishment. I have enormous respect for how he did that.

Secondly, there are very few athletes (male or female) who can have two great careers in two different sports. Before Bob Hayes, other track and field athletes put on the pads and tried to make it in pro-football due to their speed; but few if any ever made it. Hayes showed his ability to adapt to the football game; he caught difficult passes and took a pounding from hard tackles as well as anyone.

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Third, Hayes' blinding speed made it impossible for defensive backs to catch him. So, because of this unique athlete with eye-popping skills, NFL defenses had to innovate in order to try and stop him. Hence, the "zone defense" was born -- all because of Bob Hayes.

Fourth, after Hayes was imprisoned for violating drug laws, he got out of prison and talked to kids about the dangers of getting involved with drugs. That is impressive.

Fifth, in his 2nd year with the Cowboys Malcolm X was murdered; in his 4th year Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated; media people kept asking him, "What do you people want?" But Hayes let his talent do the talking for him and I respect that a lot; he was not a civil rights leader or a public speaker and so he was smart to ignore the questions and just play.

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