Research Proposal: Body Cavities

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¶ … Human Body Cavity

The internal Human Body cavity is the central mass of human anatomy and contains all the major organs. The upper region is incased within a skeletal cage growing out of the spinal column designed to protect the most important organs that are critical for life. The rib cage surrounds the two lobes of the lungs and the heart that lies in-between

them just slightly to the left of the spine (Iazzetti & Rigutti, 2007). Immediately below the rib cage, the stomach lies close to the middle of the central mass flanked by the liver occupying the right side of the major cavity and the much smaller spleen on the other side of the stomach. Two kidneys lie below the liver and spleen and toward the rear of the torso (Iazzetti & Rigutti, 2007).

The rest of the space in body cavity is taken up by approximately fifteen feet of small intestine and three or four feet of large intestine. The… [END OF PREVIEW]

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