Boer War a Discussion Essay

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Furthermore, the strength of the Canadian army was illustrated to the world by the battle sof Passchendaele and Vimy Ridge.

The sheer size of the Canadian forces was representative of their dedication to the cause. During the beginning, Canada was still considered a self-governing colony. However, war progressed, Canada independence surfaced by their military reputation which was earned on the battlefield. The Canadian government retained its authority over its own military, which eventually led to the creation of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The Canadian Expeditionary Force was maintained by voluntary enlistment until the MILITARY SERVICE ACT of August 1917 introduced conscription. In total 619-636 officers and men served in the CEF, of whom 142,588 were enlisted under the Military Service Act; 424,589 served overseas. The peak strength of the CEF at any one point was 388-038 all ranks in July 1918 (The Canadian Encyclopedia, 2012). The British still tried to retain control over Canadian forces, yet as the Canadian military began to become more confident its own abilities this set the stage for the entire country to begin to question its dedication to its imperial rulers.


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Canada continued to struggle for its independence against the British as the military evolution provided the backbone of this effort. However, Britain continued to maintain their position that Canada was one of their dominions for as long as they possibly could. Furthermore, the Americans were initially resistant to the idea of Canadian independence simply because they believed that it would give the British increased control of the region. For example, if the British retained control, then they would possess more influence in the League of Nations. However despite the American resistance, Canada's military performance in the First World War signaled that the country was ready to free itself from foreign command. Later the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919. Canada's signature to this treaty gave them their independence which was internationally recognized.

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