Bohemia Architect Influence Term Paper

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Bohemia Art

While there are many interesting and historical sites within the city of Prague, it is the city it's self that is perhaps the most artistic. The buildings of Prague are visual by nature, representing painting, sculpture, mosaic, glasswork, ironwork, and many architectural styles from centuries of artists and builders. Rather than paintings on canvas in museums, Prague's artistic styles lie often within the buildings themselves. From the churches to public and private buildings, the architecture of Prague is one which has withstood centuries (Meilach, 55).

Within this vast array of architectural style, one can easily see many influences the artists used to create their wonderful structures. One particular style stands out in buildings from before the fourteenth century through current day structures, that of the art of Bohemia. The art styles of the Bohemian culture are prominent in many of the architectural greats within Prague (Robbins, 317). This paper will discuss some of those sites, and will show how Bohemian art styles have influenced those particular buildings.

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During the mid-fourteenth century, the royalty of Europe began to foster ideas that the architecture of certain areas should not only represent the artistic styles of the era, but also those styles occurring within individual regions. As such, Bohemian painting quickly rose to the front of the artistic scene of Europe. Paintings within architecture quickly rise in popularity. Panel art prior to the Bohemian influence was characterized by softly modeled three-dimensional beings, generally consisting of bulky figures and a natural presentation. This art was typical of painters such as Master Bertram of Hamburg (Radocsay, 25).

Bohemian style panel paintings were far different than these predecessors. The bulky figures of the French artists turned into slight, slender representations of human figures, many of whom were religious in origin. Often clouded in semi-darkness and mystical scenes, these representations were a part of the Bohemian style, and quickly made their way in to the architectural design of Prague (Radocsay, 32).

Term Paper on Bohemia Architect Influence Assignment

Bohemian art styles of this period sought to find connections between phases of development. Combining naturalism and Byzantine icons into architecture, the city of Prague brought together some of the main styles of Bohemian culture within their structures (Kren, "Bohemia"). Panel paintings, such as the Madonna of the St. Vitus Cathedral, show distinct influence by Bohemian art. The image, contained within an ornate frame as a panel of the cathedral, is a full half-length representation of the Virgin holding her Child. While the figure, slender and slight, shows a distinctly Bohemian nature, the manner in which Mary is showing her child is Roman. However, further Bohemian representation can be found in the gentle posture of Mary, and the radiated light of her Child (Marx, "The Madonna of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague").

In addition to this type of artwork representation within the architecture of Prague, Bohemian sculpture art can also be seen as a distinct influence. Bohemian sculptures at the time began to separate the light from the dark, in terms of color. Firmer, brighter colors began to be used, and as separated images, these sculptures began to almost move within their confined spaces (Kren, "Bohemia"). A representation of this influence, too, can be found within the Madonna of St.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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