Bombing of Hiroshima Studies Term Paper

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This leads to the conclusion that the exposure of the parents before conception and birth may have been a contributing factor to genetic defects resulting in infant death as well.

Studies concentrating on the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl have also indicated that exposure to radiation, even years after the fact, have negative implications when it comes to birth defects (Stone, 2001).


The research is in and there is no denying the impact radiation has on genetic birth defects. Exposure before conception carries a risk of specific birth defects including mental retardation and childhood cancers. For these risks to be avoided in the future it is important to re-evaluate the location of nuclear reactor sites as well as the frequency of x-rays.


The Basics of Genetic Effects and Birth Defects

Study finds increases in birth defects near CANDU reactor

Are birth defects more common among the children of atomic-bomb survivors?


Congressional Testimony; 4/21/1998

Congressional Testimony


Radiation: Children at Risk.(Brief Article)

Multinational Monitor; 6/1/2000; Mokhiber, Russell

Living in the Shadow of Chornobyl

Science; 4/20/2001; Stone, Richard

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The dark side of the nuclear family.(health effects ofradiation)

Term Paper on Bombing of Hiroshima Studies Have Assignment

New Statesman (1996); 1/15/1999; Roff, Sue Rabbitt
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