Bone Marrow Donor: Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

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Bone Marrow Donor: Annotated Bibliography

Anonymous. "Be The Match Bone Marrow Drive Set." The Charleston Gazette: 8. 2011. Web.

The publication in which this particular article appears, i.e. The Charleston Gazette, is a reliable source of news most particularly in West Virginia. Established in 1873, the publication has in the past won numerous awards for its objectivity in the presentation of news items. Articles appearing on the gazette are therefore more likely to be objective and based on fact.

The article in this case largely focuses on the efforts of a woman from Albans by the name Ginger Sanford to ensure that more people are included in the 'Be The Match' registry. Sanford, as it is pointed out in the article is suffering from mantle cell lymphoma. Some of the tell-tale symptoms of this condition include but they are not limited to enlarged lymph nodes, night sweats, and fever. As Sanford observes, her condition is not only rare but also aggressive. With treatment, she claims that the lifespan is in most cases between five and seven years. According to the article, although Sanford is not in immediate need of a transplant, she has decided to immerse herself into a bone marrow campaign or drive in an attempt to "increase the odds of finding matches for the approximately 6,000 people a year who die due to lack of marrow donors."

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The relevance of the said article cannot be overstated especially when it comes to calling others to action. According to Sanford, she decided to initiate the drive after "she learnt that 10,000 people need a transplant each year but only 4,000 find a match." Whichever way one looks at it, this is a sad state of affairs. It is sad when an individual can't find a cure that could be at arms length -- quite literary. It can only be hoped that Sanford's efforts will pay off. As a matter of fact, she hopes that her drive will get individuals from across the nation to get involved in such initiatives that have a direct impact on the well-being of those suffering from conditions that can easily be cured with a bone marrow transplant.

Annotated Bibliography on Bone Marrow Donor: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Like the article below, this particular article also contains useful information for anybody who may be interested in becoming a bone marrow donor. From the onset, it describes the process involved in donating bone marrow and the purpose as well as mandate of 'Be The Match' -- a brainchild of the National Marrow Donor program. According to the article, those wishing to actively participate in the Donor Program only need to be of ages 18 -- 60 and be of sound health. Only a cheek swab is required for the test.

"Be the Match Tells African-American Community "It's On You" to Help Save Lives." Hematology Week: 891. 2013. Web.

Hematology Week, the publication in which this article appears, is one of the world's largest source of information relating to health. In that regard therefore, the publication is a reliable source of information relating to biotechnology and advances in medical science.

The article largely concerns itself with the steps being undertaken to create awareness on why African-Americans should become bone marrow donors. The article starts with a sad story of a 16-year-old girl by the name Nivia Charles. She is a resident of Oakland, California. Unlike other girls of her age, Nivia should ideally be concentrating on building a foundation for her career. However, the young lady is worried -- she has sickle cell anemia. Some of the complications of this particular condition include but they are not limited to skin cancer, blindness,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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