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25 for each day served abroad & #8230; in the year 1945" (Ellis 296), is also pilloried mercilessly by the author as another in a long line of official bait-and-switches. Referencing quotes given at the time by President Hoover and Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, both dismissive of the American Legion's request for immediate payment of bonus certificates as discordant with federal budgetary constraints, Ellis again grounds his writing in established fact before instilling his personal sense of outrage. His weapon of choice again becomes the personal tragedy of Walter W. Waters and the millions of WWI veterans suffering similar fates, "the jobless truck driver from Philadelphia, once with the Fifteenth Engineers, his wife holding the only job in the family & #8230; the coal miner from Morgantown, West Virginia, proud of his record in the Rainbow Division, out of work for the past eighteen months, a grown man getting pocket money from his paw and maw" (Ellis 298). By providing such searing glimpses into the sorrow and hardship endured by the working class, and especially WWI veterans, as the Great Depression dawned, Ellis transforms dry historical tracts into a touching narrative of rebellion and redemption.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Despite the unbridled optimism expressed by Waters, who famously declared to a throng of weary protestors that "We are going to stay here until the veteran's bill is passed!" (Ellis 298), and his compatriots among the Bonus Expeditionary Force during the movement's infancy, the article concludes with the tragic triumph of the empowered over the impoverished. Ellis covers both the political machinations undertaken by ambitious politicians and the military maneuvering deployed to drive away the Bonus Army marchers with equal fervor. Of the "legislator's apprehension" within their "fear-soaked chamber," Ellis wryly observes that as "the debate dragged on & #8230; every now and then a Senator would tiptoe to a window, peek down on the multitude, anxiously shake his head, creep back into the chamber" (304). Of the violent and riotous melee used to displace the Bonus Army's protests, in which two marchers were slain and scores more were wounded, Ellis notes the historical nature of the firsts involved, writing that "it was the first time in American history that federal troops had been summoned by a President to attack American citizens in their national capital" (312). The disgraceful actions of General Douglas MacArthur are given special attention by the author, who time and again implies that the commander's direct refusal to obey orders given by President Hoover should be considered treasonous betrayals of his moral and military duty. Ultimately, political expediency won out over the morality of honoring a governmental guarantee,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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