Boosting Employee Performance Through Co-Curricular Activities Essay

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¶ … Extra-Curricular Activities on Employment

The education system is aimed at molding students through both academic and non-academic approaches. The theoretical perspective is the dominant motive for going to school. However, over time, there have been large numbers of academic graduates to the point that employers are now looking for other qualifications such as co-curricular activities to choose employees conveniently. This has made co-curricular activities an essential package that cannot be ignored at all costs. In essence, the employers find those graduates with a history in co-curricular activities highly competent. While seeking to secure employment, graduates have now ensured they acquire some history on co-curricular activities. They do this to raise their chances of employability in the highly competitive modern economic environment. This report is about the observations made in the market regarding the impact of co-curricular activities on employment.

Literature Review

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Researchers have discovered that there is an increasing preference for graduates with a history of co-curricular activities by employees. They are more preferred to the rest of the graduates who might be having high academic qualifications but no history in co-curricular activities. In some instances, employers base their hiring criteria on exposure to co-curricular activities. These areas of sports are played within the schooling period for the candidate. The justification for this preference is varied but points to nearly the same desired trait, exposure and team player ability (Baker, 2010 pp. 23). It is believed that a time spent engaging in co-curricular activities increases one's ability to mingle with people and be in a position to handle any challenges raised by working with others. It is widely known that in any corporate entity such as a company, employees are many and that all have their unique characters (Zandvliet & Anderson, 2009 pp. 13). Therefore, it will be significant to ensure that each one of them lives mindfully with the rest.

Essay on Boosting Employee Performance Through Co-Curricular Activities Assignment

In some cases, conflicts arise, and it is important that these employees live mindfully concerning the welfare of the others. This explains why employees prefer to have employees who have tested their interaction skills with the rest of their peers (Bratton & Gold, 2013 pp. 45). As such, co-curricular activities are seen as the best avenues through which people can interact with others and develop a good interpersonal relations attitude. This is important at all times when there is a need to develop individuals who can lead people and be able to interact as well with others. Games are known to be avenues for best social interactions.

Employees have been seen to be emphasizing on these qualifications. The most important trait that employees seek to have from the employees is the ability to engage in interactions that are seen as best suited for all the employees to develop a healthy communication platform. It is important to ensure that the employees who have been recruited have the ability to live with the rest if the employees without causing unnecessary disturbance through misunderstanding and trouble making. All these activities are taken care of by the insistence on co-curricular activities. It is most important to ensure that all the players in the industry express an acknowledgment of the importance of co-curricular activities in the life of employees and how effective it is to the cause of the study. Currently, most employees subcontract the hiring process to the human resource companies who have specialized in hiring for pay.

The understanding behind the introduction of co-curricular activities on the recruitment regime of employees is that the exposure enables them to be having a good understanding of the work that goes on in a busy environment. Co-curricular activities also bring unique trait bring to the qualities of employees (Cappelli, 2008 pp. 72). It makes them be able to withstand any pressure that might befall them. It is most likely that any employee who comes close to being in touch with a high number of people within the same environment is likely to live a more conducive life with the rest of the populations.

One peculiar thing with employees is that their ability to learn each other is guaranteed by their engagement in-group interactions (Rubery, 2009 pp.10). Most of the employees who interact with a busy environment have the ability to engage much better, when they get employment in an environment that requires a busy schedule. In most instances, it pays to have employees who can communicate with the rest of the employees. These employees have the high tendency to interact with the larger group out there and be able to handle any differences that come their way (Decker, 2013 pp. 10). It is always important to ensure that any occurrence of conflicts within the work systems of the employees is guided by a more robust and candid approach to issues. The current level of interaction within the work environment is one where employees see their differences as avenues for diversity and instead use them for growth purposes.

Another angle on the preference for employees with co-curricular activities is on the fact that engaging in co-curricular activities helps one be a responsible employee. At work, it is important to have employees who can responsibly carry out work with ease and be able to act responsibly (Mondy & Noe, 2007 pp. 45). Every employer will always be proud to have an employee who can be trusted with the work at hand and be able to live within the means that the work environment offers. Ideally, employers look for people who have exposed themselves to a busy environment, which has an opportunity for all to learn social skills (Dessler, 2009 pp.60). Presently, human resource managers have introduced games and sports to their program. In this case, employees are required to participate in this exercise so that they learn how to interact with their colleagues at work. Through games, employees can communicate with the rest of the members and learn other traits about each other that they might not have learned before. Therefore, it pays to have employees who have participated in a highly interactive environment.

Analysis of data

This report was based on a study done on the nature of employees in several business entities. The difference in the employee type was based on whether they had engaged in some extra-curricular activities or not. The study was conducted on a group of people who had been involved in several co-curricular activities while in school and those who had not. This study also covered the people who also participated in sports at work as well as those who did not. Most importantly, the study sought to establish grounds for the existence of an environment where all the players showed signs of being interested in co-curricular activities while at work (Dubin, 2012 pp.12). The aim of the study was to determine whether those who had a record of co-curricular activities in their study regime performed better than those who did not. This was based on the performance registered by an individual employee upon being employed to work under such a system that measures performance. In a study touching on the growth level of the professions, a little effort would be needed to create an environment where people are living within a closed system influence each other's perceptions and performance level.

It is also noted that those people who have been taking part in moderated studies about the performance of employees will at all times be interested in coming up with filtration mechanisms relating to the ability to engage. In this study, the data collected showed a pointer that most of the employees who had a record of co-curriculum activities with them were more efficient at work (Hodgetts & Hodgetts, 2010 pp.34). They were less involved in office politics, did not face off with their bosses as often as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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