Bottling Company the Mean Case Study

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[. . .] I'm not entirely sure what the third possibility would be. Either the measurement is off or the amount of liquid is off -- I'm curious what the third option might be here. It seems that there could not be too many other options available.

To avoid the problem in the future requires dealing with whichever is the major problem here. It is reasonable to assume that with two possible problems, the solution lies with identifying which of the possible problems is the issue and just dealing with that. So the problem can be addressed as follows. If the issue is that the measures are off, then the measuring devices need to be recalibrated. If the issue is that the filling device is off, then the filling device needs to be recalibrated. Clearly, some third party equipment that has been independently calibrated will be needed, in order to define the parameters by which we are measuring. But at the end of the day, the critical factor is that once all of the devices have been recalibrated, the problem should be solved and no more will there be issues with underfilling of bottles.

The important thing here is that we are quite confident that the bottles are not filling as much as they need to be. To get onside with the government, we need to work with a 95% confidence interval and the results on these bottle fills are nowhere near that. It is evident that the bottle fills are well below expectations. As a…

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