Why is the Sport of Boxing so Popular? Essay

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Aside from the practice of attracting gamblers and spectators thrilled by gladiatorial types of combat, boxing has been the stuff of cinematic glory. More films have depicted the heroic character of boxing than any other sport—and that character continues to be shown on-screen year after year. Currently, the world is waiting for Creed 3, the 9th installment in the Rocky franchise, which began in the 1970s. However, boxing films go way back to the early days of cinema and have been ways to show one man fighting for honor, the woman he loves, the faith of a nation, and so on.

Why Is Boxing—the "Sweet Science"—so Captivating? Essay

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Boxing has also been a way for people to rally around fighters and cultural heroes. Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali became one such cultural hero and icon during the Vietnam War when he refused to go fight in the war, which he called a “white man’s war”—and for which he was barred from fighting and earning a paycheck. Ali converted to the Nation of Islam, following the example of others like Malcolm X, at a time when racial tensions were still strong in America. Ali’s style of fighting and his method of hyping himself up in the public’s eye drew millions of fans—and his ability to self-promote has been copied by others like Connor McGregor, the MMA fighter who crossed over to boxing when he dueled Mayweather in one of the most hyped (or over-hyped as some say) matches in years.

Essay on Why is the Sport of Boxing so Popular? Assignment

Today, boxing is pretty well regulated with 8 weight classes serving to divide fighters from one group to another: they range from flyweight (anyone less than 112 pounds) to heavyweight (anyone greater than 175 pounds). The boxing style, too, has been finessed into an art form—just like hitting has in baseball or shooting has in basketball. Everything is practiced repeatedly. In boxing, it starts with the fighting stance—the orthodox (left foot, left hand forward) and the southpaw (right foot, right hand forward)—the back hand used to defend, the jaw tucked down to guard against a solid blow to the chin.

The four main types of punches are the jab, the hook, the uppercut, and the cross. Aside from these types of delivering blows, the fighting style is up to the fighter. Some prefer a guarded style like Mayweather. Others prefer a stalking style like Joe Louis or Mike Tyson, both of whom would simply lay into their opponents all over the ring until their opponents finally fell to the floor. For them, the fight was a dance of bruising menace. Then there was Ali, who would literally dance all over the ring, taunting his opponents and then strike as fast as lightning. These types of fighters have always been the most thrilling for spectators. Boxing has a way of bringing out the spectacular in people.

In conclusion, boxing today is one of the most appealing sports, probably because in the modern era mankind has regressed back to the ancient days, when entertainment was found in watching two people deliver blows upon one another. During the more civilized centuries, boxing was not that popular. Today, it is one of the most popular sports in real life and in terms of depictions on the silver screen. Boxing’s allure is in its raw power, its dynamic thrust of two people against one another, and in the heroic ways in which the sport is portrayed on screen.

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